Mahira Khan Collaborated with Sparx’s Smartphone: Unveiling the Edge Series

mahira khan collaborated with sparx

Image Credit: Sparx Smartphone
In a dazzling fusion of technology and star power, Sparx smartphones, in collaboration with Deploy Group, has unveiled its latest marvel – the Sparx Edge Series. Fronting this groundbreaking initiative is none other than the iconic superstar, Mahira Khan, who gracefully steps into the role of the Sparx smartphone Edge Series brand ambassador. The launch promises not just a collaboration but a tribute to cutting-edge innovation and refined elegance, ushering in a new era in smartphone technology.

Mahira Khan, known for her radiant presence on and off-screen, declares, “I am Mahira Khan, and I Shine with Sparx,” embodying the brilliance that Sparx aims to deliver with its Edge Series. This partnership transcends the conventional, symbolizing a union between technology and celebrity that aims to redefine the landscape of the smartphone market.

At the forefront of the Sparx Edge Series is the state-of-the-art Edge 20 Pro. Boasting a 108MP triple AI camera with an ISOCELL HM6 sensor, it promises extraordinary photographs. The 16MP glow selfie camera adds to its allure, making it a dream for photography enthusiasts. Powered by the formidable MediaTek Helio G99 processor and featuring 16GB of fusion memory, the Edge 20 Pro is not just a smartphone; it’s a powerhouse of performance and efficiency.

The design of the Edge 20 Pro is nothing short of a masterpiece, featuring a 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED 3D curved display for an immersive viewing experience. Setting it apart, the smartphone includes an in-display fingerprint sensor – a luxury usually reserved for premium phones but offered at a surprisingly affordable price.

Moreover, with a price tag of just PKR 57,499, the Edge 20 Pro is poised to disrupt the market with its unbeatable combination of luxury and affordability. The details about the phone can be explored further on the official Sparx website.

Mahira Khan, now the face of Sparx, shared her excitement about being the brand ambassador, stating, “The Edge Series isn’t just a phone; it’s a revolution. Being associated with a brand that’s as innovative and forward-thinking as Sparx is a privilege. The Edge 20 Pro, with its cutting-edge technology and stunning design, truly embodies what it means to shine.”

Asif Khan, Chairman of Deploy Group, remarked, “The launch of the Edge series represents a significant milestone for Sparx and Deploy Group. We’re not just launching a phone; we’re setting a new standard for what consumers should expect from their devices.”

Adding to this, Zeeshan Qureshi, CEO of Deploy Group, said, “Our vision with the Edge series was to create a smartphone that doesn’t compromise on performance, aesthetics, or price. With the Edge 20 Pro, we believe we’ve achieved that.”

Naveed Rangeela, Managing Director of Deploy Group, concluded, “This is just the beginning. The Edge series is a game-changer, and with Mahira Khan leading our campaign, we’re confident that Sparx will shine brighter than ever before.”

As the Edge 20 Pro gears up to hit the markets on the 6th of February, Sparx, with the radiant Mahira Khan at the helm, is not just changing the game; it’s redefining it. This collaboration between technology and star power is set to leave an indelible mark on the smartphone industry, offering consumers a unique blend of innovation, performance, and affordability.

In conclusion, the Sparx Edge Series launch stands as a testament to the synergy between technology and celebrity influence, setting new standards and redefining expectations in the competitive world of smartphones. With Mahira Khan leading the way, Sparx has embarked on a journey that promises not just to shine but to illuminate the path for a new era in smartphone technology.

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