Spotify Arranged Master Class for the Artist Community in Pakistan

Spotify is Bringing Something for the Artist Community in Pakistan

Spotify arranged its first-ever master class in Pakistan that was exclusively arranged for artists and labels. The aim was to pass information about Spotify to the artists. The educational session also shed some light on avenues for the development of artists offered through Spotify, from where the musicians will have the access to the tools, data, and different knowledge they require to aid their journey of hyping their profiles and searching for fans across the border. 

Some famous musicians from Pakistan attended the event such as:

  • Bilal Maqsood
  • Ali Hamza
  • Shallum Xavier
  • Asad Ahmed
  • Zohaib Kazi

However many independent and emerging artists of Pakistan have also attended the event, such as:

  • Maria Unera
  • Taha G
  • Asteria
  • Faraz Haider

They were accompanied by many labels such as:

  • Namely Silent
  • Roar Records
  • A for Aelph
  • EMI Pakistan

Further stressing the importance of the Masterclass Spotify’s Artist & Label Partnerships Manager for Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, said, “We’re extremely happy to bring the Spotify For Artists Masterclass to Karachi. These intimate sessions for Artists and Labels allow us to create a bigger and wider creative dialogue with the music community on how to maximize their presence on Spotify and utilize the many tools available only to them. This is the first time Spotify organized a session like this in Karachi in person and our plan is to take these sessions to artists and labels across the country.”

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