Srha Asghar Subjected to Inappropriate Touching With Clothes Being Torn Just Outside Her Home

srha asghar files FIR against sexual harrasment

Srha Asghar has taken legal action by filing a First Information Report (FIR) against a man named Asim, whom she accused of attempting to sexually harass her. The distressing incident occurred on August 1 outside her home.

According to the details provided by the police, the incident transpired when Srha was running errands in the market. She reported the incident to the Shah Faisal Police Station, with her husband Umar Murtaza lodging the complaint.

In her statement to the police, Srha recounted that a man started following her while she was on her way home, simultaneously subjecting her to catcalling. The situation escalated when the man followed her to her residence and tried to inappropriately touch her, resulting in her clothes being torn.

Srha promptly sought help by ringing her doorbell and reaching out to her husband, who was at home. He intervened and confronted the suspect, leading to a confrontation. With the assistance of her neighbors, Srha’s husband managed to bring the man to the police station.

Srha also expressed her disappointment in her Instagram story, condemning journalists and media outlets for pursuing interviews in pursuit of higher ratings and viewership. 

She conveyed her desire for media personnel to stop contacting her about the incident, expressing her disapproval of news channels that disclosed personal information alongside the incident details. She reassured her followers that she and her husband are safe.

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