Study in Canadian University on Full Scholarship Worth CAD 16,000 Without IELTS

carleton university scholarship

Do you want to study abroad without wasting money on the IELTS exam? Well, Carleton University in Ottawa is offering an entrance scholarship program for international students including Pakistanis. 

Carleton University has a diverse student population and is known for its inclusive and supportive environment. The university has a beautiful campus situated along the Rideau River, providing a scenic and vibrant setting for students to learn and engage in various activities.

Carleton University offers programs in disciplines such as arts, social sciences, engineering, business, science, computer science, journalism, and many others. It is particularly renowned for its programs in journalism, public affairs, and information technology.

Entrance Scholarships (2023-2024)

Number of ScholarshipsValueAdmission Average
Unlimited @ $16,000$4,000 x four yearsRenewable* 95-100%
Unlimited @ $12,000$3,000 x four yearsRenewable* 90-94.9%
Unlimited @ $8,000$2,000 x four yearsRenewable* 85-89.9%
Unlimited @ $4,000$1,000 x four yearsRenewable* 80-84.9%
  • The scholarships can be renewed if you maintain an annual GPA of 10.0 (equivalent to an A- standing).
  • It’s important to mention that for certain programs, the scholarship value may be enhanced upon receiving your offer.

Scholarship Value

The scholarship is available for both undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines and the amount of scholarship ranges from CAD 1,000 to CAD 16,000 per academic year. 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Entrance scholarships often require a strong academic record. This typically includes a high school transcript with competitive grades, such as an average above a certain threshold (e.g., 80% or higher).
  2. Students must have successfully gained admission to Carleton University as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student. 
  3. Students must meet the university’s admission requirements as a prerequisite for consideration.
  4. Some scholarships may require a separate application, while others may automatically consider eligible students based on their admission application.
  5. It’s essential to review the specific scholarship requirements and deadlines to ensure proper application submission.
  6. In some cases, standardized test scores such as SAT or ACT may be taken into account for scholarship eligibility. However, Carleton University has moved away from requiring these test scores for admission in recent years.
  7. Certain scholarships may consider a student’s involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, community service, or other notable achievements outside of academics.

Dates to Remember

The Entrance Scholarship is only for fall entry and to apply for the scholarship you need to complete the application form and submit all required grades by June 15.

How to Apply

  • You can visit the official site of Carleton University to get more information about the scholarship and to download the application form. 
  • Make sure you submit all the required documents.

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