Suzuki Announces Easy Installment Plan for Used Cars With Massive Discount

Suzuki's Instalment Program Allow Customers to Enjoy 50% Discount on Processing Fees

The Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company has launched installment plans that are specially designed for used cars. The aim is to provide ease to the customers by giving them convenient financing options. 

Although the Instalment plan is available at all authorized Suzuki dealerships, only Bank Al-Fatah and Meezan Bank account owners are eligible to take this offer. 

The installment plan consists of many benefits for the buyers that include discounted insurance and markup rates. Additionally, they offer flexibility in managing payments by extending the financing period up to eight years. 

Through the plan, customers can enjoy a 50% discount on processing fees that ease their overall burden. Moreover, the Residual Value finances for up to 3 years is also additional financial support for customers. 

Pak Suzuki Motor has also addressed a letter to the Prime Minister in which they have expressed concerns regarding proposed tax hikes in the upcoming budget. 

The letter also puts light on challenging circumstances faced by the company that includes a loss of PKR 12.9 billion. The loss was recorded in the first quarter of the current year all because of economic uncertainties. 

The company has also faced some no-production days throughout the years that resulted in adverse effects on dealers and vendors due to which some leaders are closed down and some are on the verge of closing.

Pak Suzuki Motors has asked for support from the government explaining the detrimental effect of the current economic situation with the hope that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will not approve another increase in taxes.

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