15 Years Old Ayesha Bibi Won the Swat Snow Jeep Rally

Ayesha Bibi Won the Swat Snow Jeep Rally


  • The Swat snow jeep rally was held by Frontier 4×4 club.
  • A total of 70 participants participated in the motorsport.
  • Ayesha Bibi, a 15 years old girl, won the race. 

At the Hund Point near the Swabi Interchange on M1 Motorway an Indus Water Jeep rally was held by the club named Frontier 4×4. According to the news, in total at the event there were 70 drivers that included 4 women and they all competed in the rally. People from all ages were present, enjoyed and appreciated the event. Also the officials of district administration were also present and helped the Frontier 4×4 club in arranging the event. 

Swat Snow Jeep Rally

Ayesha Bibi who is a 15 years old girl defeated everyone who participated in the event and won the Swat Snow Jeep Rally. She covered 3 KM distance in 1 minute and 48 seconds; whereas, the other racers took more than 2 minutes to cover the same distance.

According to the winner Ayesha Bibi, she was really happy to win the race; moreover, it was her first time participating in this race and now she encourages other women to participate in these healthy activities. She also added that the track was very difficult but because of the practice sessions it was a bit easier for her. 

Ayesha Bibi’s father is the president of Frontier 4×4 club and he trained her for the motorsport. A four by four vehicle is a must in order to participate in the race. The club especially issued a temporary permit to Ayesha after they have seen her enthusiasm and competence for the sport.

Another female participant named Maryam Zaheen said that even though she couldn’t secure first position in the race, she would try again in the next race and will do her best to win the next one.

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