Top 6 Scholarships to Study in Cyprus in 2024

scholarships in cyprus

Cyprus is an island in Europe that has been offering numerous scholarships to students worldwide. The scholarships are for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in the top European universities in Cyprus. 

Cyprus is a place where education meets adventure hence you will have the best time of your life while being prepared for the career you have always dreamed of. 

Let’s explore the scholarships offered by the best universities in Cyprus. Read the article to know everything about these scholarships.

Top 6 Scholarships in Cyprus

Here is the list of the top six scholarships offered at prestigious institutes in Cyprus:

  • Cyprus International University
  • University of Lancashire
  • Cyprus Science University
  • Cyprus West University
  • University of Cyprus
  • Frederick University

Cyprus International University 

Cyprus International University offers scholarships to students from around the world. These scholarships are provided by the government of Cyprus and aim to support both local and international students. Not only do these scholarships provide financial assistance, but they also ensure that students receive a high-quality education.

Courses Offered

Faculty of EngineeringComputer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Economics and Administrative SciencesBusiness Administration, International Relations, Economics, Public Administration
Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and ArchitectureArchitecture, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design
Faculty of Health SciencesNursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Psychology
Faculty of Arts and SciencesEnglish Language and Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, Biology

Benefits of Scholarship

  • Covers 50% to 100% of the tuition fees
  • Other benefits


  • These scholarships are awarded based on the student’s academic performance.
  •  If you are pursuing a master’s degree, you may be eligible for a scholarship if you have outstanding academic results. 
  • The university’s Scholarship Committee will determine the number of scholarships to be granted to deserving students.

University of Lancashire 

The University of Central Lancashire Cyprus scholarship program offers undergraduate scholarships each year. These scholarships fall into two categories:

Academic Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. Students with exceptional academic backgrounds may be eligible for these scholarships.

Athletic Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional athletic abilities and achievements in sports.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Advertising and Marketing Communications
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphic Design
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Language and Literature


  • Partial funding for tuition fees
  • For undergraduate students, the scholarships cover up to 40% to 50% of the tuition fees. 
  • Postgraduate students, on the other hand, can benefit from a 30% reduction in tuition fees. 
  • These benefits are particularly provided to those students who have outstanding academic records.


  • Application procedures and the exact percentage of funding may vary each year.
  • It is recommended to refer to the official website or contact the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus for the most up-to-date and detailed information regarding their scholarship program.

Cyprus Science University Scholarship

Cyprus Science University aims to provide scholarships to international students. These scholarships are specifically designed for students from 23 different countries across Europe and Asia. The university also offers education and accommodates international students from these nations at present.

Courses Offered

Faculty of Engineering and Natural SciencesComputer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Business and Management SciencesBusiness Administration, International Relations, Banking and Finance, Tourism and Hotel Management
Faculty of Health SciencesNutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Occupational Therapy
Faculty of Architecture and DesignArchitecture, Interior Architecture
Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesPsychology, English Language Teaching


  • The scholarships offered by Cyprus Science University provide various benefits to eligible students. 
  • The institute offers a diverse range of scholarships catered towards international students.

Cyprus West University

Cyprus West University provides scholarships for undergraduate programs, which can be partially or fully funded. The allocation of scholarship funds is determined by the scholarship committee’s decision.

Courses Offered

Faculty of Business and EconomicsBusiness Administration, International Business, Economics, Banking and Finance, Marketing
Faculty of Engineering and ArchitectureCivil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
Faculty of Health SciencesNursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Healthcare Management
Faculty of CommunicationPublic Relations and Advertising, Journalism, Radio, Television, and Cinema
Faculty of EducationElementary School Teaching, Preschool Teaching, English Language Teaching
Faculty of Arts and SciencesPsychology, English Language and Literature, Sociology
Faculty of LawLaw


  • The institute offers scholarships that cover 65% of the tuition fees for undergraduate students across all disciplines. 
  • Additionally, Cyprus West University has a scholarship program called “Tomorrow’s Leadership” specifically designed for international students who have received conditional acceptance at the university.

Please note that the specific details, criteria, and availability of scholarships may vary. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to refer to the official website or contact Cyprus West University directly.

University of Cyprus 

The University of Cyprus Scholarship Program provides funding opportunities specifically for postgraduate students. These scholarships can be fully or partially funded, depending on the specific criteria and funding availability. The University of Cyprus offers scholarships to both current and prospective postgraduate candidates.

Courses Offered

Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesHistory and Archaeology, Classics and Philosophy, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, English Studies, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Education Sciences
Faculty of Pure and Applied SciencesMathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Technology, Geology
Faculty of Economics and ManagementEconomics, Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Management Science and Technology
Faculty of EngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics
Faculty of LettersGreek Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature

Benefits of Scholarship

  • The benefits of this program include the awarding of one-year scholarships to eligible postgraduate students. 
  • Additionally, applicants who have applied for program-specific scholarships will have the opportunity to be considered for these scholarships.

Frederick University

Frederick University offers scholarships to bright students with outstanding academic backgrounds, providing either full or partial funding. The evaluation of applicants for scholarships takes into consideration their academic performance during high school.

Courses Offered

School of Engineering and Applied SciencesComputer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture
School of BusinessBusiness Administration, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Marketing and Advertising, Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Relations
School of Health SciencesNursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Medical Laboratory Sciences
School of Humanities and Social SciencesEnglish Language and Literature, Psychology, Education Sciences, Law


  • The benefits of the scholarships awarded by Frederick University are determined by the academic performances of the students. 
  • These scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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