Top Pakistan vs. India Streaming Websites in Pakistan

pak vs india streaming websites in pakistan

In Pakistan, the excitement of cricket matches between Pakistan and India runs deep. As the two cricketing giants lock horns on the field, the nation comes alive with anticipation and enthusiasm. To cater to this fervor, numerous streaming websites in Pakistan offer the opportunity for fans to witness every moment of these exhilarating clashes. 

These platforms offer cricket fans a chance to experience every run, wicket, and moment of suspense right from their screens. With the convenience of streaming, fans can immerse themselves in the drama of Pak vs. India matches, making sure they don’t miss a single second of this iconic rivalry.

Pakistan vs. India Streaming Websites in Pakistan

Save these websites to watch some amazing cricket between Pakistan and India. 

PTV Sports

In 1964, Pakistan took its first steps into the world of television broadcasting. It all began with the establishment of a pilot television station located in Lahore. This station played a significant role as it marked the starting point for Pakistan’s initial television broadcast, which was aired in the classic black-and-white format that was common at that time. Today, you have the opportunity to relive those moments and watch live matches right from the comfort of your own home. 

You can also watch Pakistan vs. India clashes online on the PTV Sports website.


ARY ZAP serves as a video streaming platform where you can enjoy a wide array of content. This includes dramas, comedy shows, the latest news, video songs, and movies. It’s a place where you can access and watch various forms of entertainment and information, all in one convenient location.

ARY ZAP is a broadcast partner for PCB and live streams cricket matches involving Pakistan cricket team.


ASports HD provides you with the opportunity to watch cricket matches online. It’s a platform that allows you to enjoy live cricket matches through high-definition streaming. Whether you’re a dedicated cricket fan or just want to catch the excitement of the game, Asports HD offers a convenient way to experience the thrill of cricket matches from your device. You’ll be able to catch the live action of Pakistan vs. India Asia Cup 2023 match on ASports as well.


Experience top-notch live coverage of your favorite sports at TapMad. Whether you are into football, golf, rugby, cricket, F1, boxing, NFL, or NBA, you can catch all the action here. Stay updated with the latest sports news and immerse yourself in the excitement of the games through the site.

Although TapMad is a paid service, it doesn’t charge much and it is worth every penny if you can watch high-quality cricket content especially India vs. Pakistan cricket matches.

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