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travel agencies in Faisalabad

Are you in Faisalabad wanting to know about the best travel agencies there? From where you can get reasonable tickets, travelers from all over the world can find a wide range of services at the many travel firms in Faisalabad. There are many well-known travel companies in the Faisalabad region. The services of these agencies include airline tickets, hotel reservations, and travel insurance. While some of these companies have a license from the Pakistani government to provide tours and travel services, some do not. 

Travel Agencies in Faisalabad

Here is the list of travel agencies you can contact to book the services you want. 

Travel Agencies in FaisalabadContact NumberAddress
Faizan-e-Madina Travel Agents041 2621545P-202, 1st Floor, Opposite U.B.L. Bank Square, Circular Road, Faisalabad.
Khawaja Travels041 2656100Khalid Abad, Faisalabad.
Merry Time Travel041 634134New Civil Lines, Regency Road, Faisalabad.
Skyship Travel041 8754496Sheikhpura road, Moon market, Gutawala, Faisalabad.
Ibn-e-Adam Tours and Travels041 2600776Office number 6-A, 40/8, Ground floor, New civil lines, Regency road, Faisalabad.
Prime International Air Travel041 87249701st Flr.Ex.Duty Free Shop Bldg Satyana Road. Faisalabad.
Prince Air Express041 2623471 KM Centre, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.
Rocky Travels Private Limited041 2641118New Civil Lines, Faisalabad.
Serena Air Travels Limited041 26185189/8 New Civil Lines Regency Road Opposite PIA Building Faisalabad.
AL- Mahid Air Travels041 2614292Office number 5, Chaudhry Arcade, Faisalabad.

Faizan-e-Madine Travel Agents

To satisfy the needs of its clients, it provides a variety of packages and services. Faizan-E-Madina Travel Agency can handle everything from ticket purchasing to making travel and lodging arrangements. For tourists looking for the top offers and experiences, the agency offers one-stop shopping services. Consumers may get in touch with Faizan-E-Madina Travel Agents by calling their phone number or going in person to their office.. The company is renowned for offering its clients dependable and prompt services.

Services of Faizan-e-Madina Travel Agents

  • Ticket Booking
  • Traveling
  • Trips
  • Lodging Arrangements

Khawaja Travels

A well-known travel agency in the area, Khawaja Travel Service in Faisalabad offers a wide range of services to tourists. Khawaja Travel Service has built a good reputation as a trustworthy and competent travel agency. Muhammad Arif runs the business and is headquartered in Minerva Road.

The company is widely renowned for offering top-notch services and designing personalised tour packages for tourists to make their trip more pleasurable. Khawaja Travel Service offers a variety of services, from providing convenient transportation to handling all the paperwork and documents.

Services of Khawaja Travels

  • Personalised Tour Packages
  • Transportation
  • Handling of Paperwork

Merry Time Travel

Famous travel company Merry Time Travel is situated in Pakistan’s Faisalabad. They are experts at giving travellers advice and services related to tourism. The business offers a wide range of services and is managed by highly skilled individuals For a hassle-free trip, Merry Time Travels is the ideal companion.

Services of Merry Time Travel

  • Planning a Holiday
  • Arranging Flights
  • Arranging Accommodations
  • Personalised Services
  • Domestic or International Vacation
  • Booking Flights
  • Organizing Accommodations
  • Arranging Sightseeing tours
  • Car Rental
  • Hotel Booking

Skyship Travel

Skyship travel to Faisalabad has grown immensely popular recently as tourists swarm to the city to take advantage of its vivacious culture and delectable cuisine. Because of its significant industry, the city is referred to as the “Manchester of Pakistan”. The travel agency has skilled workers who will guide you through every step possible.

Services of Skyship Travel

  • Vacations
  • Business Trips
  • Personalised Packages
  • Reliable Booking Services

Ibn-e-Adam Tours and Travels

One of the top tour operators in Pakistan, Ibn-e-Adam Tours & Travel offers complete services for both group and individual travels both domestically and abroad. The agency provides a vast selection of travel packages for all different types of vacationers, from lavish getaways to low-cost ones.Mr Abdullah is the company’s manager and they are dedicated to giving visitors the greatest products and experiences while in Pakistan.

Services  of Ibn-e-Adam Tours and Travels

  • Customised Trips
  • Car Rental
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Ticket Services
  • Travel and Tourism 

Prime International Air Travel

It provides a wide range of services to its clients, such as flight booking, lodging choices research, and tourist information. Additionally, it offers marketing services and maintains a functioning WhatsApp cell number. Although there aren’t any online reviews for the business yet, customers can contact the staff with inquiries. To boost its visibility and draw in more customers, Prime International Air Travel should be included on social media.

Services of Prime International Air Travel

  • Flight Booking
  • Lodging Choices
  • Tourist Information
  • Car Rental

Prince Air Express

The tourist and travel company Prince Air Express is based in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It provides a range of tourism and travel-related services, including customer guidance and support, bookings and reservations, and aid with trip planning. There are few reviews and no complaints for the business. The organisation specialises in tourism and travel agent services. For the greatest customer service, Prince Air Express employs staff in the sales, tourist, and travel agent departments.

Services of Prince Air Express

  • Guidance
  • Support
  • Booking
  • Reservations
  • Trip Planning

Rocky Travels Private Limited

Rocky Tours (Pvt) Ltd., based in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad, is renowned for its outstanding travel services and provides a variety of packages to suit all types of tourists. They offer a variety of travel-related services, including making reservations for hotels, cars, and flights. They have a group of really skilled and informed employees who can assist you in creating the ideal trip.

They also have a WhatsApp mobile number they may use for web design and SMS marketing. Also, they provide discounts and promotional packages for group travellers. You should choose Rocky Tours (Pvt) Ltd. for all of your travel requirements.

Services of Rocky Travels Private Limited

  • Trips
  • Vacations
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Flights
  • Car Booking

Serena Air Travels Private Limited

One of the leading travel companies with headquarters in Pakistan’s Faisalabad is Serena Air Trips (Pvt) Ltd. With more than 20 years of expertise in the travel business, this agency is renowned for offering top-notch services to its clients. Airline tickets, hotel reservations, automobile rentals, and other services are offered by it. It offers a variety of possibilities, and its services are quite dependable. Your travel-related needs can be met by Serena Air Trips (Pvt) Ltd.

Services of Serena Air Travels Private Limited

  • Airline Tickets
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Automobile Rentals
  • Vacations
  • Trips

Al-Mahid Air Travels

In Faisalabad, there is a Pakistani travel company called Al-mahid Air Travel. The business has a focus on the travel sector and provides visitors with enlightening responses to their inquiries. Although they don’t use social media, users have seen the business’s pictures and videos. The company provides assistance in achieving your goals while seeking out new customers. In Faisalabad, they provide travel services to both visitors and companies.

Services of Al-Mahid Air Travels

  • Trips 
  • Vacations
  • Car Rental
  • Hotel Booking
  • Flights

Travel With No Regrets

Choose the above mentioned travel agencies and travel with no regret. Enjoy all the services they provide as they will make travel easier for you. Moreover, you can arrange customised trips for you with the help of these agencies. 

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