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volta battery price list 2023

Volta Batteries are one of the leading brands of Batteries in Pakistan. The company of Volta is headquartered in Karachi. They have produced a wide range of batteries such as truck batteries, car batteries, motorcycles, and deep cycle batteries. 

The batteries in Volta are designed to provide reliability and consistency of power for a longer time in a variety of vehicles. Volta never compromised the quality, performance, and durability of its products. 

The batteries are available throughout Pakistan through various authorized dealers and distributors. Moreover, the company offers after sale support and services to ensure that their customer receives the best possible experience.

Volta Battery Price List 2023

We have mentioned all the latest and updated prices of various Volta Batteries.

  • CNG Batteries
  • Generator Series
  • Silver+ Series
  • Platinum Series
  • Gold Series
  • Ford 3600 and Ford 4000
  • Solar Series
Battery TypePlatesAhPrice in PKR
CNG Batteries
Generator Series
Silver + Series
S50 +9347,100
S50L +9347,500
CR65L +11408,300
S65 +11408,300
S65L +11408,400
S70 +12508,800
S70L +12509,100
S75L +9507,650
S85Z +11608,700
S85ZL +11608,800
NS95 +13709,300
NS95L +13709,300
S100A +117210,200
S105 +138011,200
S105L +138011,200
V110Z +158511,900
V110ZL +158511,900
Platinum Series
T-125 S1510012,300
P-135 S1710515,000
P-140 S1711015.400
P-150 S1911516,500
P-180 S2113018,000
P-190 S2314520,800
P-210 S2315521,500
P-225 S2517524,500
P-250 S2718025,600
P-260 S2718026,000
P-270 S3120027,600
P-270 Z3321529,300
Gold Series
IPS Gold-8501912019,800
IPS Gold-12502113020,500
IPS Gold-15002316023,500
IPS Gold-20002517025,500
Ford 3600 and Ford 4000
Solar Series

Note: This price is valid in all cities of Pakistan.

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