Amount of Monthly Active Users on Various Social Media Platforms

World Statistics has Given the Number of Monthly Active Users on Various Social Media Platforms

Have you ever wondered about the number of people using social media accounts? Since people around different regions are on social media sites. Whether it’s the city or the villages people from all races are pretty active on the platforms. Let’s look at the stats the world of statistics has provided us:

The amount of monthly active users on all social media sites:

Social Media SiteNumber of Active Users
Facebook2.9 Billion
YouTube2.2 Billion
WhatsApp2 Billion
WeChat1.2 Billion
Instagram1.2 Billion
Tiktok732 million
Telegram700 Million
Snapchat528 Million
Reddit459 Million
Pinterest430 Million
Twitter396 Million

People around the world are pretty active on social media sites. Facebook is still the most used app around the world. Where as YouTube is the second most used platform. Reddit and Pinterest have beaten the record by having more user than twitter. Let us know in the comments below about the sites you are using?

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