Apple iPhone 11

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  • 12 MP

  • 4GB RAM

  • 64GB/128GB/256GB storage, no card slot

  • 3110mAh

  • 194g, 8.3mm thickness

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Price of Apple iPhone 11 In Pakistan

The retail price of the Apple iPhone 11 in Pakistan is Rs 156300 and in USD it is available for $1165.

It’s new, innovative, colorful, and fully packed with all the fun new features you want! As Apple maintains its horizontal camera design, they added a tweak to it by separating both lenses and adding the flashlight between them to ensure better photography in every click! The Apple 11 comes with a scratch-resistant 5.65-inch display with OLED panels that makes it a better option in terms of affordability. Powered by Apple’s exclusive A11 Bionic chipset paired with a 4GB RAM which promises to execute tasks even more smoothly. iPhone 11 has a 12MP main camera which is quite powerful and responsive while taking pictures or shooting videos!

  1. Over-priced phone for a plastic body