Apple iPhone XS Max


Price of Apple iPhone XS Max In Pakistan

The retail price of the Apple iPhone XS Max in Pakistan is Rs 167,499 and in USD it is available for $1248.

Apple never fails to create mobile phones that are nothing but luxury and perfection at the palm of your hand! The Apple iPhone XS Max is identical to the iPhone XS, with the same design and most features carried forward. With a 6.5 inch AMOLED display, you get high-quality visuals and HD resolution like no other. The camera is pretty much a sleek designed 12MP lens equipped with the portrait mode to take high-quality photos. Apple strikes again with its infamous exclusive A12 chipset paired with 4GB RAM to provide users with peak performance. The XS comes with variants of 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB for users to choose from. The phone comes with a 3174 mAh battery that is guaranteed to last long.