Boss Coffee Maker (KE-CM-936)

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Boss Coffee Maker (KE-CM-936) Price in Pakistan

The retail price of the Boss Coffee Maker (KE-CM-936) in Pakistan is Rs 3800.


Enjoy the deliciousness of coffee with the Boss Coffee Maker. It is one of the most important and extremely popular coffee makers. It has a light weight that makes it easy to use and is one of the best and commonly used items in kitchen appliances. The specifications of Boss Coffee Maker (KE-CM-936) include a removable filter basket and permanent filter anti-drip system, overheat protection, warming system, and On/Off switch with pilot light. This coffee machine is available in white color. 



Product Features

  • The compact design makes it perfect for 10 – 15 cups of coffee
  • Houses a permanent filter along with a removable filter basket
  • The water container has a capacity of 1.4 liters
  • The water tank can be filled easily and precisely with the water level indication
  • Anti-drip system to prevent spillage
  1. Would like to thankyou for giving detailed information of this Model, Features looks great and price is also Affordable. Will buy it soon

  2. Cheap coffee maker with nice features, No problem in performance. Enjoying delicious coffee everyday.

  3. Bought this product a Month ago. This is best coffee machine I have ever seen, Easy to control and clean. The permanent filter does a great job giving me all the flavors and oil without any of the grounds.

  4. This machine is great, I really like it as it can make 10 cups of coffee that will help you for having a small events or friends gathering, Also other features are great as well such as removable filter basket, water level indicator. Would like to Recommend others.

  5. I decided to order this coffee maker after doing a lot of research, This machine worth every penny. Happy with its overall performance. Perfect coffee maker for whole family.