Canon WD-1010 Water Dispenser


Canon WD-1010 Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The retail price of Canon WD-1010 water dispenser in Pakistan is Rs 16,400.


Canon WD-1010 is a three-tap water dispenser providing hot, cold, and room temperature water. Its stylish design and sophisticated outlook make it the perfect choice for any office or home. The high-quality Danfoss Brand Compressor and 3.8L water tank storage ensure that you have water at the perfect temperature at all times. Its energy efficiency and reliability are the hallmarks of Canon appliances. The 2 cubic feet cabinet refrigerator provides convenient storage for snacks and drinks.



Product Features

  • The Water tank Capacity of Canon WD-1010 3.8 Ltrs
  • Includes 3 Taps for hot, cold, and room temperature water
  • Includes a Cabinet Refrigerator
  • The company does not offer an official warranty for this product.