Canon WD 211 Water Dispenser


CANON WD-211 Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The retail price of Canon WD-211 in Pakistan is Rs 20,950. 


The Canon WD211 is a two-tap water dispenser. It provides hot and cold water and the glass door helps maintain sterility and provide a seamless look. Its stylish shaded design embodies the modern home. Keeping up with Canon’s policy of durability and reliability this water dispenser combines form with function. The powerful compressor coupled with the 4L tank capacity ensures that you have a constant supply of cold water. The cabinet refrigerator provides ample space for snack storage.



Product Features

  • The Capacity of Canon WD-211 water tank is 4L
  • Includes 2 Taps for Hot and Coldwater
  • Includes a Cabinet Refrigerator
  • The company does not offer an official warranty for this product