EcoStar WD-301 Water Dispenser


EcoStar WD-301 Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The retail price of EcoStar WD-301 in Pakistan is Rs 17,900.


The EcoStar WD-301 is a three-tap water dispenser by EcoStar. Its energy-saving and Eco-friendly technology ensure that your electricity bills remain low. The three taps provide hot, cold, and room temperature water for everyone’s needs and the cabinet refrigerator is ideal for snack storage. Its stainless Steel water tank provides sterility while the large capacity ensures that you never run out of cold water. The company provides a 1-year official warranty. 



Product Features

  • The water tank capacity of WD-301 by EcoStar is 3.5 Ltrs
  • It includes 3 Taps for Hot, Cold, and Room Temperature water
  • Includes a cabinet Refrigerator
  • The company provides a 1-year official Warranty.