PEL 115 Pearl Water Dispenser


PEL 115 Pearl Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

The retail price of PEL 115 Pearl Water Dispenser in Pakistan is Rs 17,500.


PEL has been a household name in Pakistan for decades over time the company has evolved its portfolio to include newer products and advanced technologies. Water dispensers are no exception. The  PEL 115 is a sleek water dispenser designed for the modern age. Its unique food-grade technology ensures that you have safety with convenience. Its antibacterial feature will help you keep your family healthy. The high-speed cooling and low power consumption of PEL 115 make it an obvious choice for your home.  



Product Features

  • The PEL 115 Pearl has a total capacity of 3.7 Liters.
  • It has 2 Taps providing hot and cold water.
  • It does not include a Refrigerator, instead, a storage cabinet is provided.
  • The company provides a 1-year compressor Warranty