Philips Air Fryer HD9621/91


Price of Philips Air Fryer HD9621/91 In Pakistan

The retail price of the Philips Viva Collection Air Fryer HD9621/91 in Pakistan is Rs 31,079.


The air fryer exposes food to steady, circulating heat and cooks thoroughly at the same time thanks to the Turbo-Star technology. The new Air fryer is compact (20% smaller) while being able to cook a significant volume of food (800 gr). Cleaning becomes easier and faster with Philips Air fryer Quick-Clean basket, which incorporates a removable nonstick mesh. For simple cleaning, just detach the nonstick coated drawer and the food basket as both are dishwasher safe.


Key Features:

  •       The air fryer offers temperature control to regulate temperature for each meal
  •       Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  •       The power intake is 1425 W
  •       You can add up to 0.8kg of food to the food basket