Realme C35

4.64 (25 Reviews )


  • 50 MP

  • 4GB RAM

  • 64/128GB Storage

  • 5000 mAh

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Realme C35 Price in Pakistan

Price: RealMe C35 price in Pakistan Rs 27,999


FHD Display: The 6.6” FHD Display with 1080 x 2408 pixels resolution and IPS LCD screen makes RealMe C35 a unique buy. The screen gives off high definition resolution that makes it fun for the users to make the most out of their screen time. 


Powerful Processor: RealMe C35 comes with a powerful running Unisoc Tiger T616 processor with Octa-core CPU and Android 11 Operating System. 


Sleek Design: The 8.1mm Ultra-slim and sleek design with a dynamic glow makes RealMe C35 an attractive and appealing buy. The 2D right-angled bezel gives the phone a dynamic glow which is the reason why the phone gives off great futuristic vibes. 


AI Triple Camera: The 50 MP AI Triple Camera is all set for you to capture the best moments. The main rear camera is 50 MP with f/1.8 aperture to give you that bokeh effect and sharp images. The phone also features a macro lens with f/2.4 aperture and a B&W portrait lens with f/2.8 aperture. Now you can capture your favourite memories as you like. 


AI Selfie Camera: The device is equipped with an 8 MP AI Selfie Camera with premium Sony sensor. 


Massive Battery: The 5000mAh massive battery is all that you need to keep your phone running all day long without having to worry about charging the device rapidly. The 18W charger makes it easier for you to charge your phone in a short time. 


Storage: RealMe C35 comes in three storage options that include 64GB in-built with 4GB RAM, 64GB in-built with 6GB RAM, and 128GB in-built with 4GB RAM. All options support enough storage so you can keep all your favourite apps stored on your phone with a smooth running experience. 


Colors: RealMe C35 is available in two colour options: Glowing Black, and Glowing Green

  1. This phone is GREAT! Fast,responsive,the camera is really crisp with alot of features,and battery life is excellent. It feels great holding it and the screen feels buttery smooth.

  2. cameras are very good+ (it's a budget phone.), CPU and GPU are very worth the price+, nice look and feel in my hand

  3. The battery life on this is absolutely by far the best I've ever had and I do uber eats about 6 to 8 hours a day and phone has yet to die.

  4. I would recommend this phone for people with a small budget. I'm constantly surprised how much I got for my money, all things considered.

  5. Very impressive battery life works great for every day use, for the fraction of the price of comparable iPhone or Samsung

  6. I like everything about this phone. It is working the way was advertised and couldn't find anything wrong.

  7. I am impressed with the battery life. I tested the battery by leaving it on and unplugged for a while. With minimal use, just text messaging and some apps that don’t use that much power, the phone still had 96% of battery remaining after being left unplugged for 30 hours.

  8. The phone is very big. I ended up having to buy a new bigger purse because the phone would not fit in my old purse. I compared this phone to 3 of my friends' phones that were bought in the past 1-2 years, and it is bigger than all of them

  9. I only have to charge my phone like once every 48-60 hours and I use it very frequently for video streaming and app wandering. I've had this phone for a couple weeks now and the battery life has stayed wonderful.

  10. This phone is so user friendly. I love it. I don't think the finger reader feature works well though. It works about half the time. Other than that it is a great phone.

  11. The camera is solid. It offers to switch to night mode or macro mode if the sensor sees that may be better, but lets you decide. I like that.

  12. Battery life is the BEST I have had in any cell phone. I work overnight and sometimes use my phone to stream Youtube or Broadcastify as I work. Never in a 10 hour day, even streaming, has the battery been lower than 81%.

  13. The fingerprint security is spot on. This is not the first phone I’ve had with that feature, but it’s the first where it could be relied on.

  14. This is the first cell phone I’ve owned that I could charge up in the morning and have last the whole day without constantly plugging it in whenever and wherever I could find an outlet. In fact, to improve battery longevity, I only charge it to 80% capacity, and it’s still enough to do that.

  15. The triple camera setup on this phone is very good for this price level. The normal and wide angle cameras work better in lower light situations (including indoor situations), though not as good as the iphone or Google Pixel phones

  16. The phone feels very solid despite the plastic back. If you use any kind of case, you won't even notice the plastic back.

  17. if you're a casual phone user who isn't gaming or doing everything under the sun on your phone, this thing rocks. I use my phone for minimal social media, reading news and such, and the occasional game like a Angry Birds.

  18. for the money it’s a very good phone. Excellent reception on LTE network. Beautiful display, loud clear speakers…yup speakers and very easy to use.

  19. This phone is amazing for the price does not lag, it has great screen and goes great with my Airpods.

  20. the battery life on this phone is great. I can leave my house at 9am at 80%, use Bluetooth and play around on it almost all day, use snapchat and text and watch videos on it, and come home by 9pm to 20% and it can still go for another hour.

  21. The battery life is great and lasts longer than any other phone I've had. When using it I immediately noticed how fast and smooth it was from switching between apps and playing games and scrolling on Insta.

  22. Very responsive and manageable with one hand. Easy to transfer over all files, easy to get the phone activated and running

  23. I got this phone for my daughter just because she wanted one a little bit nicer and bigger than the one she had. This one has a nice big screen that's easy to see and works great for gaming.

  24. Battery life on this Realme is fantastic. I do get 3 days between charges, but I am a relatively light phone user. Others may have to charge every couple of days.

  25. I usually do not spend large amount money on expensive phones so i am always hunting some mid range phones and this is the best one till now that i have found on pricespakistan.