Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

4.84 (38 Reviews )


  • 108 MP

  • 12GB RAM

  • 128GB Storage

  • 5000 mAh

  • 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9 mm

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(38 customer reviews)
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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: Latest price of Galaxy S22 Ultra in Pakistan is PKR 248,999 and in USD its 1,188.


Operating System: The phone is updated with Android 12 OS so you can have all the latest features and apps in your cell phone. 


Chipset: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with one of the latest and powerful chips that is Exynos 2200 to give your phone a smooth running.


Memory Storage Capacity: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with 3 memory options that are 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB with a RAM of 12 and 16 GB. The memory is more than enough to save and secure all your data.


Larger Display Size: A 6.8 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that gives a resolution of 1440×3080 pixels. Now you can watch all the videos on such a big screen with better clarity.


A Pro Grade Camera: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with Quad rear camera of 108 MP+10MP+10MP+12MP and a front camera of 40MP. The camera is great for clicking good quality selfies and making amazing Vlogs for your social media account. 


Higher Resolution: Give you clear pictures and video with its 10X optical zoom feature along with telephoto lens.


Long Lasting Battery: S22 has a 5000mAh battery so you can go along all day without the stress of charging your phone.


Fast Charging: The extra features include fast charging, wireless charging and reverse charging feature for your convenience. In case of emergency you can charge other devices with your samsung S22 because of its reverse charging feature. 


Dust and Water Resistance: The Samsung S22 is dust and water resistant to give it a longer durability and long lasting life.


Colours: You can grab your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in various appealing colours such as: Phantom Black, White, Burgundy, and Green.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Unboxing: Galaxy S22 Ultra Unboxing

  1. The camera takes lovely picture, I just wish some of the icons in the camera interface were a bit larger/more contrasty, Other than that, it performs very nicely

  2. I really love my new phone! I did some research and the Samsung S22 Ultra was very highly rated! It takes absolutely great pictures !

  3. This is a awesome phone ! I wanted to try out something new after using iPhones for more the 10 years . The screen display is amazing , light weight and runs on Google platforms very convinent

  4. Good performance all around. A little longer battery life would be nice but still not a problem. I've only had the phone for a short time but long enough to know the problems I was having with my last phone are gone.

  5. The battery life so far has been more than I imagined I would get, and the 120hz screen is insanely smooth. I run triple 144hz monitors on my desktop, so going back to another 60hz phone wasn't an option.

  6. It really is a shame that I can't give the S22 Ultra a perfect 5 stars, because it does deserve it in some aspects. But with these hardware issues, there's always the worry that time will make them worse

  7. I've done everything from web browsing and gaming to word processing and photography, all with minimal issue. Battery life is solid, but not the best in the market right now.

  8. This wasn't my 1st choice for a new cell phone but once I read the reviews I gave it a shot, I have only had the phone for little over a week and it's been working out just fine. The battery life is superb

  9. I look forward to exploring all the features! purchased this phone because I want a phone that has good power, capabilities and features but still will fit in my pocket. It does!

  10. Got it for my wife. The boss loves it! What's more to say. It's better than her old Phone since it's the latest Samsung. She loves the camera And it's wireless charging too.

  11. Omg! Can I just say Samsung done did it again! I swear Samsung is the most durable phones our there I love my new S22 Ultra, if ur debating on buying this phone u should do it its so worth it I am still a very satisfied Samsung customer!

  12. I am very happy with my new Samsung phone. It is a 5G with updated software that makes it user friendly. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to others.

  13. I upgraded from a Galaxy S21. I love the bigger screen size, This phone exceeded my expectations. It is very responsive and the screen size is just right. For my older eyes I can read well, and will just fit in my back pocket

  14. This phone is amazing. I've had high end expensive phones well over 200000 but this one tops them all

  15. I was going to hold off upgrading from my previous phone but after looking at the specs of the samsung galaxy s22 ultra at pricespakistan, i have decided to buy it.

  16. Phone runs pretty fast when I first set it up. Was surprised how fast it operates, So far, I only played PUBG Mobile on it and I had no issues at all. The game ran perfectly smooth and I had fun

  17. This is a fantastic phone and a fantastic value, I was struck at how nice it looks. It appears high very high end phone especially when you look at it from price perspective.

  18. Battery life is outstanding. I went 2 full days using this phone like crazy, screen cranked up to the brightest setting and it was still at 54% power.

  19. this phone is great. Face recognition is spot on. Fingerprint recognition is perfect. I've had the phone a few weeks now and it hasn't let me down yet

  20. I have had this phone for almost a month now and it's great battery last great amount of time and charges quickly. The camera is one of the best. Overall best phone I've had!

  21. This phone is so much better in photographic quality then my Note 10+ and my fiancé’s IPhone Xs Max. I’m so happy really.

  22. Responsiveness to touch is next level, this is coming from an apple user, seriously the smoothness of transitions between applications is next level.

  23. Got this phone (Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra) after i used my Samsung S22 for almost 1 year. I felt the upgrade and i am happy that i made the right choice.

  24. I have had several phones over the years, but this one tops them all! Absolutely loving this phone.

  25. This phone doesn't look like those cheap priced ones, Would recommend anyone with high budget because its worth buying.

  26. I use my phone a lot. I'm on it from 8AM, watching videos, streaming music, browsing IG, and I use it for GPS for an hour or so throughout the day. I can go until 10PM before having to charge. This battery is huge.

  27. I am so in love with my new cell phone. I has great features, wonderful camera, and super easy to navigate, Also great Price.

  28. The battery life is at the top of the pack for Android phones and the camera takes BEAUTIFUL pictures. USB-C charging is fast and the phone works well with third-party chargers. I've had no issues pairing it with my car or headsets and transferring over all of my data from my previous phone was a snap.

  29. I love the large screen, with so many great features and easy to navigate. Love the teal color too.

  30. I have taken approximately 100 pictures and the cameras are excellent. My daughter and I just went out for Chinese food and we were taking pictures of the food. She was using her IPhone 12 pro max and her pictures were no match for the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra when our phones were held side by side. Her photos looked washed out and dull compared to mine

  31. Thinking of buying two of these, one for my self and one for my brother, little bit hesitant but definitely gonna buy it.

  32. Thankyou pricespakistan for getting details of samsung galaxy s22 ultra for us, i am following you guys from a long time, great work, appreciated.

  33. If you are looking to upgrade from anything an older Samsung; this is the perfect thing for you!

  34. I upgraded from an Samsung galaxy s21 so I knew this would be a much better phone. It works perfectly thus far and charges so quickly!

  35. My husband has the samsung galaxy s22 and I do think his phone runs smoother and faster than mine, but I am a heavy phone user and need the functionality of the stylus, as I use my phone as a computer.

  36. Samsung and Apple have been having this rivalry for who has the better phone for a while. Between the two devices the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra has better features

  37. After checking samsung galaxy s22 ultra specs on pricespakistan and features , i have made my final decision of buying this phone

  38. Bought this for my Mom. Excellent Camera and overall Premium Value experience. Good for average use. Definitely Recommend to others