Sencor Airfryer Silver/Black SFR-6100BK


Price of Sencor Airfryer Silver/Black SFR-6100BK In Pakistan

The retail price of the Sencor Airfryer Silver/Black SFR-6100BK in Pakistan is Rs 33,839.


Prepare your favorite fried meals without much oil using the Sencor Airfryer. This Airfryer uses the method of hot air circulation to prepare and uniformly cook meals. It can make your meals in 20 minutes with a high 1700W input power. The Airfryer also comes with an air filter that makes sure unpleasant odor doesn’t spoil your meals.


Key Features:

  •       The air fryer offers temperature control to regulate temperature for each meal
  •       Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  •       The power intake is 1700 W
  •       Basket capacity is 1kg