WestPoint Deluxe Air Fryer WF-5255


Price of WestPoint Deluxe Air Fryer WF-5255 In Pakistan

The retail price of the WestPoint Deluxe Air Fryer WF-5255 in Pakistan is Rs 11,250.


The WestPoint Deluxe Air Fryer (WF-5255) uses very little oil and cooks food using Hot Air Technology, making it healthier and more delicious. High on usefulness, functionality, and the ability to cook without emitting hazardous gases the Airfryer can do more than frying. It can also grill, steam, roast, and bake, giving you additional options when feeding your family and entertaining visitors.


Key Features

  •       The air fryer offers temperature control to regulate temperature for each meal
  •       Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  •       The power intake is 1425 W
  •        Basket capacity is 3 liters