Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

5.00 (4 Reviews )


  • 48MP

  • 8-16GB RAM

  • 128GB/256GB

  • 4500mAh

  • 221.8g, 9.5mm thickness

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(4 customer reviews)
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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan: Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Price in Pakistan is Rs175,999 and in USD it is available for $1312.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will be powered by the latest and most powerful chipset for smartphones – the Snapdragon865+ as it provides outstanding performance! With 8/12/16 GB RAM and internal storage of 128/256/512GB this phone seems to be loaded with everything, you could possibly need in a smartphone and is also packed with the quad-camera setup at the back which includes a 48 MP wide,48 MP periscope telephoto,12 MP Telephoto, and 20 MP ultra-wide. There’s 20MP on the front. The phone comes with a 4500 mah battery.

  1. Battery life is phenominal. I'm a heavy user, and have my phone playing music via. youtube or spotify for my entire 8-12 hour work shift with additional apps open in the bg for ease of notifications & quick switching. Even with my heavy use, I have upwards of 40-50% of my battery left by 6pm.

  2. Thankyou Pricespakistan, your Compare product feature helps alot in choosing the desired phone with detailed comparison of features

  3. The 144hz refresh rate is amazing, the miui12 launcher is great, FAST charging,long battery life. Camera is great quality with many options. A lot of smartphone for the money. Great value.

  4. I have been using Xiaomi brand phones from my childhood and now i must its Mi10 Ultra is one of the best phone i have ever used.