Enviro WD 50 Water Dispensers


Enviro WD 50 Water Dispensers Price in Pakistan

The retail price of Enviro WD 50 water dispensers in Pakistan is Rs 20,999.


Enviro WD50 is a 2 tap water dispenser from Enviro. It dispenses both hot and cold water. It is specially designed to ensure child safety and prevent scalds and burns. It has a vast capacity of 16 Liters and its high-efficiency compressor ensures optimum cooling temperatures at all times. Its stainless steel water tank ensures sterility and the stylish design will bring a touch of class to your space. Enviro offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty for the product.



 Product Features

  • The Enviro WD 50 has a capacity to hold 16 Liters of water.
  • Includes 2 Taps providing Hot & Cold Water
  • Includes a 16L Refrigerator
  • The company provides a 1 Year official Warranty.