Sencor (SCE 2000BK) Coffee Maker

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Sencor (SCE 2000BK) Coffee Maker Price in Pakistan

The retail price of Sencor SCE (2000BK) in Pakistan is Rs 3,100.


Sencor offers a perfect coffee and tea brewing option for your morning and evening routines. Sencor (2000BK) is specifically designed in a way that is suitable for small spaces and can be carried around easily if needed. It can also be optionally used as a portable coffee maker for camping. The machine is available in two colors: black and white. It has a total capacity of preparing 0.3 L coffee. 



Product Features

  • The compact design makes it perfect for 2 cups of coffee
  • Houses a permanent filter that is removable and washable
  • Water container has the capacity of 0.3 liters
  • Coffee measuring cups for exact capacity
  • Triple safety system:
  1. Protection against overheating when turned on without water
  2.  protection against overheating when water in the water tank is used up while brewing
  3. protection against failure of the thermal fuse
  1. No leakage problem or other issue at all. I still recommend it highly and would, without doubt, purchase it again.

  2. Bought this a year ago, I really like it and recommend this machine. It has so easy function, easy to clean and works as good as it was new

  3. So Affordable price and compact design, Suitable for small spaces. Highly Recommended

  4. I have this Sencor model, it's Great coffee maker, Nice design and Provide excellent flavor.