A hospital ward boy becomes a Hero, by saving the life of 26 babies in Sahiwal


A sudden fire broke out on Saturday in the children’s ward of the teaching hospital in Sahiwal due to a short circuit. The sudden fire created panic and chaos in the hospital, more than 70 children with their families were trapped in the children’s ward, The hospital management immediately took action and bravely risked their lives to rescue the children, relocating them to the emergency room.

The social activist Saman Jamali shared a powerful picture of a man, named Arshad, a ward boy who risked his life and bravely saved 26 babies from fire. During the confusion, Arshad’s quick and brave actions made many people call him a hero.

Unfortunately,  2 children died on Saturday and the others 2 on Sunday. 4 children in total died during the incident but the number would have been much higher if Arshad had not intervened.

Initial reports suggest that the fire broke out due to a leakage in air conditioning. The hospital has been criticized as there weren’t enough firefighting tools in the children’s ward, which worries parents. The hospital’s administrator formed a committee to find out the reason. 

Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif also issued an order for a detailed investigation into what happened.

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