Pakistani Dramas Going International: 3 Of Your Favorite Dramas To Air On Turkish Television.


Pakistani Dramas are becoming very popular worldwide. People are now interested in watching it in their respected native languages. Pakistan’s three of the most famous dramas are now going to be shown on Turkish TV in Turkic language. 

These dramas are popular because they have an interesting storyline and show different cultures of pakistan. Following are the dramas that will be aired on Turkish television.

  • Tere Bin 
  • Aulaad
  • Dewangi

People like these dramas and talk about emotions, love stories, and cultures are shown in these dramas.

1. Tere Bin. 

The main leads are Wajahat Ali Khan and Yumna Zaidi. They show the cultural side of the village and the rituals of Hyderabad. They have very good chemistry on screen, and people love their couple so much. 

This drama is famous for its themes of love, society, and societal issues. It will soon air on Turkish channel 7 under the title “ So Deep.”

2.  Aulaad 

‘Aulaad’ Stars Mohammed Ahmed, Marina Khan, And More. This drama is all about emotion and family love, family fights, and joint family problems that people usually face in their lives. This drama is all about parents and their hard work to give their children the best lifestyle. But their children grow up and forget the sacrifices their parents made for them. They believe they did all these things by themselves. 

This drama will be on the air on Channel 7 and named “Evalt.” 

3.  Dewangi 

The leads of this drama are Hiba Bukhari and Danish Taimoor. They share a love and revenge story. Danish Taimoor plays a spoiled business icon who does whatever he wants. 

This drama will be on the air on Channel 7 and named “My Divine Heart.” 

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