Prize Bond Schedule 2024 – Dates of Prize Bond Draws in 2024

Prize Bond Schedule 2021

Every year, hundreds and thousands of Pakistani people can buy prize bonds in the hope of winning bumper prizes. The central bank acted as the manager of the National Savings Organization, which has managed the Prize bond scheme since the 1960s. Prize bonds are considered as safe investment as you can exchange the bond carried in several denominations for cash at any time in Pakistan. 

Prize bonds are interest-free lottery bonds provided by the Ministry of Finance for the common man and are still in effect. The National Savings Organization has announced the complete draw schedule for 2024 from January to December across multiple cities. The first prize bond will be held on January 15, and winners are announced after every three months.

The Central Directorate of National Savings organizes the Quarterly Qurandazi of Prize bonds. The bonds that are selected in the Qurandazi are redeemed at a higher price than the original value of the bond. The bonds are available in the following denominations:

  • PKR 100
  • PKR 200
  • PKR 750
  • PKR 1500
  • PKR 7500
  • PKR 15000 
  • PKR 25000 
  • PKR 40000

Any number of the above bonds can be purchased by an individual at the following locations:

  • SBP BSC (State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation Bank) office
  • National Saving Center offices
  • Designated branches of all commercial banks

The prize bonds are sold in sequential order, and each denomination consists of 1000,000 bonds to be sold.

Prize Bond Schedule 2024: Month-wise

The Prize bonds are drawn through a drawing machine, HODM, usually operated by Special Children. Following is the 2024 schedule of the prize bond draws according to the National Savings website for all bond denominations.

Draw#Prize BondsDraw DateCity
#9775015 Jan, 2024SIALKOT
#4510015 Feb, 2024PESHAWAR
#97150015 Feb, 2024LAHORE
#132500011 Mar, 2024KARACHI
#284000011 Mar, 2024FAISALABAD
#9720015 Mar, 2024MUZAFFARABAD
#9875015Apr, 2024HYDERABAD
#4610015 May, 2024LAHORE
#98150015 May, 2024KARACHI
#142500010 Jun, 2024PESHAWAR
#294000010 Jun, 2024MULTAN
#9820017 Jun, 2024RAWALPINDI
#9975015 Jul, 2024QUETTA
#4710015 Aug, 2024KARACHI
#99150015 Aug, 2024MULTAN
#152500010 Sep, 2024HYDERABAD
#304000010 Sep, 2024LAHORE
#9920016 Sep, 2024PESHAWAR
#10075015 Oct, 2024FAISALABAD
#4810015 Nov, 2024MULTAN
#100150015 Nov, 2024RAWALPINDI
#162500010 Dec, 2024QUETTA
#314000010 Dec, 2024MUZAFFARABAD
#10020016 Dec, 2024SIALKOT

Use the above schedule to keep a track of all Prize bond Qurandazis, just in case you are the lucky one who wins the prize!

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 PDF: Bond wise

The following table lists the draw dates and locations for all the Prize Bonds, according to the value of the bond.

Let’s try your Luck and win the bumper prizes!

Winning a prize bond is a stroke of luck; it is an investment that can pay dividends if you are lucky. The trick is to start small and work your way up the Prize Bond denomination ladder as you become more experienced at this game. Use this Prize Bond Schedule 2024 to keep track of all the Qrandazis, who knows, it just might be your lucky day! 

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