Omoda E5 Electric Car and Jaecoo J7 Hybrid – Pricing Details for the Pakistani Market

Omoda E5 Electric Car and Jaecoo J7 Hybrid – Pricing Details for the Pakistani Market

In a recent development that is set to redefine the automobile landscape in Pakistan, Chery International’s Omoda and Jaecoo brands are gearing up to introduce two new vehicles – the Omoda E5 Electric Vehicle (EV) and the Jaecoo J7 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). The unveiling of these models comes with exclusive insights shared by Mr. Ryan Wang, the Brand Manager of Omoda and Jaecoo, during a live stream interview. This article delves into the details of these cutting-edge vehicles, their features, pricing strategies, and the ambitious plans Chery International has for the Pakistani market.

Omoda E5: A Mainstream EV for Gen-Z

omoda e5

The Omoda E5, positioned as a mainstream EV, is strategically targeted at the tech-savvy Gen-Z demographic and younger buyers. Mr. Ryan Wang highlighted the vehicle’s unique styling choices and features that cater to the preferences of this specific market segment. Drawing parallels with its competitor, the MG ZS EV, the Omoda E5 is set to make its mark with a similar range and platform.

One of the key challenges faced by electric vehicles in Pakistan is the lack of charging infrastructure. In response, Omoda plans to address this issue by setting up charging stations in major cities across the country, ensuring accessibility and convenience for Omoda E5 owners.

Jaecoo J7 PHEV: A Luxurious Off-Road SUV

jaecoo j7 phev

On the other end of the spectrum, the Jaecoo J7 PHEV positions itself as a luxurious off-road SUV, tailored for high-end buyers. Chery International claims superiority in styling, offering larger infotainment screens, enhanced driver assist features, and superior off-roading capabilities, thanks to a locking differential. The J7 PHEV is expected to compete with vehicles like the Toyota Corolla Cross and Hyundai Santa Fe in the Pakistani market.

Competitive Pricing and Launch Details

While exact pricing details for the Pakistani market are yet to be finalized, Chery International aims to offer competitive prices for both the Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7 PHEV. These prices will be strategically positioned to compete with similar spec vehicles such as the Toyota Corolla Cross and Hyundai Santa Fe, respectively.

In Malaysia, the Omoda E5 is priced at around PKR 1 crore, and although the Jaecoo J7 PHEV’s price hasn’t been finalized, it is expected to be in a similar competitive range. However, prices in Pakistan will likely be slightly higher due to duties and taxes.

Mr. Ryan Wang indicated the company’s eagerness to launch these vehicles in Pakistan as soon as possible, with the exact launch date expected to be finalized by the second half of 2024.

Chery’s Presence and Future Plans in Pakistan

Currently, Chery International has a presence in Pakistan through the assembly and sale of two vehicles, namely the Tiggo 4 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro, by Ghandhara Automobiles. However, the launch of Omoda and Jaecoo will mark a departure from the partnership with Ghadhara Nissan. Mr. Ryan Wang revealed that the company plans to collaborate with a different entity for the launch of these new vehicles.

Chery International’s remarkable success in China, where it has been the biggest passenger vehicle exporter for the past 21 years, underscores the company’s global standing. With an income reaching CNY 300 billion in 2023 and nearly 1 million vehicles exported within the same year, Chery’s ambitious plans for the Pakistani market align with its sustained success on the international stage.

The upcoming launch of the Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7 PHEV by Chery International signifies a significant leap forward for the Pakistani automotive industry. These vehicles, with their distinct features and market positioning, cater to diverse consumer preferences. As the company plans to address the challenges of charging infrastructure for EVs in Pakistan, it reflects a commitment to providing innovative solutions for a growing market.

Chery International’s departure from its existing partnership for the launch of Omoda and Jaecoo indicates a strategic shift in its approach to the Pakistani market. With their impressive track record and global success, Chery’s latest offerings are poised to make a lasting impact, offering Pakistani consumers a blend of cutting-edge technology, competitive pricing, and a taste of the future of automotive excellence. As we await the official launch in the latter half of 2024, the anticipation for the Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7 PHEV builds, promising a new era in the Pakistani automotive landscape.

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