The Top 20 Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan – Prices & Followers

The Top 20 Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan - Prices & Followers

Modest fashion is not easy to pull off & with limited options, expensive outlets, and tacky designs, it becomes even harder. 

While finding the right fit is the first struggle, getting your desired variety of colors becomes an additional challenge. 

Luckily for you, we have curated the perfect list of the 20 leading abaya brands in pakistan, with prices and followers of each, to help you pick the right option. 

These abaya brands in pakistan offer a multitude of abaya and hijab options, with multiple colors, designs, materials, and price ranges so you can shop happily each time.

Popular Abaya Brands in Pakistan

Below is a list of the 20 abaya brands in pakistan with price and number of followers on Instagram. We have added popular brands with a huge fan following and vast abaya collections. 

Abaya BrandsInsta FollowersPrice Range 
Sapphire3.7MStarting from 4k
LAAM2.1MStarting from 4k
Astore591KStarting from 2k
The Hijab Company233KStarting from 5k
Kefpk146KStarting from 4k
Abaya.pk137KStarting from 6k
Hijabeaze101KStarting from 5k
Black Camels87.2KStarting from 6k
Wearabaa68.3KStarting from 6k
Dhaagey 51.7KStarting from 5k
Pins & Pearls43.2KStarting from 6k
Spinzar37.6KStarting from 5k
Arefa Abaya34.2KStarting from 3k
Hareer27.9KStarting from 7k
Malbus25.1KStarting from 2k
Hijabians Collection24.6KStarting from 2k
Vohra and Saigol16.1KStarting from 6k
The Undercover Sisters16.5KStarting from 6k
Hijabulhareem12.2KStarting from 6k

Now, we will explore these top abaya brands in pakistan, one by one.

1. Sapphire


Another leading name in Pakistani clothing, Sapphire offers a beautiful selection of abayas that combine practicality with elegance. Their collection features a variety of designs, including hand-embellished sets, double-layered abayas, and basic everyday wear options. Material choices like chiffon and Nida ensure both comfort and style.



LAAM is a marketplace offering products from multiple brands. When it comes to abaya shopping, there are plenty of options, including Black Camels, Hijab ul Hareem, Nayaab, Maria, etc. Shop everyday abayas at huge discounts or buy premium items with a touch of luxury, all in one place. 

3. Astore


A renowned name in Pakistani fashion, Astore offers a diverse range of clothing, including a stunning abaya collection. Their abayas are celebrated for their exquisite designs, variety of colors, and use of premium fabrics like nida. Explore their collection to find everything from classic black abayas to trendy front-open styles and pastel-colored options.

4. The Hijab Company


The Hijab Company beautifully combines modesty with modern fashion. Their collection offers a variety of styles, including coat-style abayas, embroidered abayas, front-open abayas, jilbabs, kaftans, and maxi styles. Made from premium materials like Nida fabric, pure silk, and wool chiffon, these abayas are designed for both comfort and style.

5. Kef Abaya

Kefpk Abayas

Embracing simplicity and sophistication, Kef Abaya offers a beautiful collection of abayas crafted from premium fabrics like silk, georgette, and nida fabric. Their designs are known for their modern and chic aesthetic, featuring elements like lace, prints, and embroidery.

6. is another economical store to shop for stylish abayas. People who prefer simple designs and sober colors will, especially like their collections, and their variety of accessories will help you curate the perfect look for different events. 

7. Hijabeaze


Founded by actress Urooj Nasir, Hijabeaze is a brand dedicated to redefining the hijab experience. Their exquisite abaya collection seamlessly fuses tradition with contemporary fashion. Made from high-quality fabrics like Arabic lawn, silk velvet, and double georgette, these abayas are perfect for various climates and occasions. Explore their range of designs, including front-open abayas, printed styles, kaftan designs, and their signature zipper abayas.

8. Black Camels

black camels

At Black Camel, you will find a collection of trendy and minimalist abayas that are unique and not very easy to find elsewhere. They pay attention to minor details, and their designs are both elegant and chic. 

9. Wearabaa


If you are looking for the cutest hijabs and abayas, go nowhere else but to Wearabaa. They offer a range of minimalist, lacey, and printed abayas and hijabs, which are perfect for young girls and women alike. They also offer a gorgeous range of formal abayas with dainty embroidery that can easily become a showstopper.

10. Dhaagey Abayas


Experience the epitome of luxury with Dhaagey Abayas. This brand is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and use of the finest fabrics. Their abayas are meticulously designed with intricate embellishments, embroidery, and luxurious details, transforming them into works of art. Explore their collection for statement pieces perfect for special occasions

11. Pins & Pearls

pins and pearls

Delivering across multiple regions in the world, Pins and Pearls is a pretty little store that fulfills your modest clothing needs. Their range of vibrant colors and prints will surely make you run for your credit card, and their economical prices will help you create your dream abaya collection.

12. Spinzar


An emerging player in the modest fashion scene, Spinzar offers a delightful blend of tradition and contemporary design. Their abayas are crafted from high-quality fabrics like crepe and marina, ensuring comfort and durability. Explore their collection to find sophisticated designs, including front-open abayas, classic round neck styles, and printed abayas with detailed embroidery or tassel embellishments.

13. Aarefa Abaya

arefa abaya's

Aarefa Abaya takes a unique approach to abaya design, blending traditional styles with contemporary elements. Their collection offers a variety of designs, including kimonos, maxis, and coat-style abayas, ensuring you can find the perfect abaya for any occasion. From colorful abayas to embroidered and lace styles, Aarefa Abaya caters to diverse preferences.

14. Hareer


For those seeking modest wear that reflects their mindful approach to clothing, Hareer is a perfect choice. Their collection boasts innovative designs, featuring front-open abayas, printed patterns, and beautiful embroidery. Whether you prefer classic earthy tones or vibrant hues, Hareer offers a color palette to suit your taste.

15. Malbus


Malbus is your one-stop shop for chic & modest clothing. You can buy abayas, skirts, maxi dresses, hijabs, and more items in one place. They offer both economical abayas starting from Rs. 2000 and premium embroidered abayas for around 20k. Their designs and styles are trendy, with a focus on comfort and ease. 

16. Hijabians Collection

the hijabians collection

The Hijabians Collection is a super affordable store, with abayas starting at 2k. They offer solids and printed abayas, from funky chic to elegant and modest options. They also sell lawn abayas, so if you want to beat the heat this summer, their abayas are a must-have.

17. Vohra & Saigol

vohra & saigol

Vohra & Saigol shines in the world of modest wear with their commitment to quality, innovation, and cultural heritage. Their collection features a diverse range of designs, including classic and fancy abayas, all crafted from premium Korean nida fabric. Look for intricate detailing such as embroidery, stonework, lace, or prints that add a unique touch to each abaya.

18. Hijabulhareem


If you are looking for abayas with a touch of elegance, Hijabulhareem is the right place for you. They offer hijabs, abayas, and sets for Umrah and Hajj so you can plan exquisite looks or various events. They offer all kinds of abaya styles, from front-open abayas, to jilbabs & double-breasted hijabs and coat-style abayas.

19. The Undercover Sisters

the undercover sisters

From block printed to embroidered abayas, this store has a diverse range of options to help you build your dream abaya wardrobe. Choose from their everyday items or get a luxury abaya for that special event. 

20. Emel


Note that Emel is an Instagram-only store. Link: Emel Instagram

For those who love colors and dainty prints, Emel is the right place to visit. They offer a range of bright-colored hijabs ideal for young girls and women alike. Their abayas also come with lace and belt details to add a pop of style to your look. 

Shop the Best Abaya Designs in Pakistan

This is our list of the best abayas to shop this season. We have added economical options like Malbus and Hijabians to elite stores like Hareer and Black Camels to help you shop for the best looks. 

All of these stores also offer hijabs and accessories, so do check that out. For more content on fashion and lifestyle, visit Fusion by BlogPakistan

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