Kalash Valley- All You Need to Know About

kalash valley

Kalash Valley is a culturally rich region that is located in the Chitral District of KPK. The place is picturesque hence you can take a lot of Instagramable pictures there. Moreover, the vibrant festivals and unique culture will grab all your attention.

You can book a hotel to fully explore their traditions and cultures. The lush green valley and meandering rivers will take away all your stress. It’s a perfect spot to spend a vacation with your friends or family. 

Read the article to know everything you need to know about Kalash Valley, the main attractions, packages, and much more. 

Main Attractions of Kalash Valley

Some of the main attractions of Kalash Valley include:

  • Kalash Villages
  • Kalash Festivals
  • Bumburet Valley
  • Birir Valley 
  • Rumbur Valley
  • Grom Valley
  • Trekking and Hiking
  • Cultural Exchange

Kalash Villages

kalash valley

The traditional villages of Kalash are the main attractions for tourists as wandering in the villages of Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir can allow you to experience the unique culture, and traditional houses, and you can also interact with the friendly locals to know about their side of stories. 

Kalash Festivals

kalash valley

One of the attractions is the vibrant festivals of Kalash and attending these festivals can be a whole new experience. Festivals such as Uchal, Chilam Joshi, and Choimus can allow you to experience traditional dances, costumes, and cultural heritage of the Kalash community.

Kalash Museum

kalash valley

The museum is located in the Bumburet Valley that shows various artifacts, religious objects, costumes, religious objects, and historical items. The museum gives you a great insight into the history and way of life of the locals. 

Bumburet Valley

kalash valley

Bumburet is the largest and most accessible valley in Kalash. The valley has mesmerizing landscapes, terrace fields, fruit orchids, and surrounding mountains. The valley allows visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of the place. 

Birir Valley

kalash valley

Another valley that is known for its tranquil environment and beautiful landscapes is Birir Valley. The place offers views of lush green meadows, terraced fields, and panoramic views. Additionally, the place is famous for various houses adorned with intricate woodwork. 

Rumbur Valley

kalash valley

Another enchanting valley in the Kalash region is characterized by scenic beauty and a tranquil atmosphere. If you like hiking or nature walks then this valley is perfect for you as it has many hiking points and areas to walk with nature. 

Grom Valley

kalash valley

The valley is located in Rumbur Valley, and it is known for its unique and distinctive architectural features. The place is peaceful and allows you to enjoy the natural surroundings. 

Trekking and Hiking

kalash valley

The valley is ideal for trekking and hiking enthusiasts as the rugged terrain, mountainous landscapes, and mesmerizing views make it a perfect place for people who always seek adventure. The popular trekking route includes Shishiir Meadow and Chitral Gol National Park.

Cultural Exchange

kalash valley

You can participate in local activities and attend workshops on traditional handicrafts. You can also learn about their music and dances. Moreover, just by interacting with the community, you gain a deeper understanding of their culture.

Roads of Kalash Valley

roads in kalash valley

You need to consider the point that roads leading to Kalash Valley can be very challenging because of the mountains, remote location, and terrain. Some of the key roads that connect you to the valley are:

  • Chitral Bomburet Road 
  • Chitral Rumbur Road
  • Chitral Birir Road
  • Internal Roads in the Valley

Even Though, you can reach Kalash Valley through various routes that start from Chitral town. The main route is the Chitral-Bumburet road, the road winds through the mountains and also offers you a scenic view. The Chitral-Bumburet road leads you to the Bumburet Valley. 

However, Chitral-Rumbur Road can provide access to Rumbur Valley and the Chitral-Birir Road will lead you to Birir Valley. Once you are inside the valleys they have internal roads that are linked together and these internal roads can allow you to explore the beauty of Kalash.

Kalash Valley Tour Packages

You can contact the following trusted tour companies to guide you about the packages of Kalash Valley. Moreover, you can also customize the package by asking them. 

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