10 Types of Accounts & Profiles To Connect With on LinkedIn

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The right kind of professional networking can play a game-changing role in jump-starting your career. The people you connect with throughout your life always end up linking you with people from their professional circle. They can help you make new professional allies, refer you for a new job, provide you with professional counseling, help you improve your future connections, and so much more. But finding worthy people to connect and build with can be a tough task. 

Based on research, it is very important to at least have 500 connections to upscale your professional networking, but initially, you need to gather 30 best contacts on LinkedIn before you start working towards your career goals. As you connect with this many people, your newsfeed becomes more relevant and opens doors to more opportunities for actionable, thoughtful, and better connections. 

So with this in mind, let’s proceed towards the types of people that you need to connect and build a healthy professional relationship with on LinkedIn. 

10 Types of People to Connect With on LinkedIn

Here is a list of the 10 types of people that you must connect with on LinkedIn for better exposure to building connections and initiating your career. 

  1. People in your field who are well-experienced
  2. People with vast professional connections
  3. Globally and locally recognized people from your field
  4. Colleagues from your social circle
  5. Companies that offer growth to your skills
  6. Recruiting officials
  7. Multinational companies that operate in your country
  8. Someone looking for opportunities in the same field of a career as yours
  9. Forums that share insights about your field
  10. Extended friends and family

1. People of Your Field Who Are Well-Experienced

You hardly find straightforward career paths. Thus, a constant need to have some appropriate counsel is always required. This counsel can either be a one-to-one discussion or by connecting with someone who is well-experienced in your specific field of career. 

Connecting and building healthy relationships with well-experienced people of your field on LinkedIn opens several doors on your way to a successful career. On LinkedIn, you learn from your role models directly as well as indirectly and they provide you with all the required guidance. Most importantly, they guide you on how to build your portfolio on LinkedIn to allow people to get in touch with you. 

2. People with Vast Professional Connections

Getting in touch with the people that have a vast majority included in their professional networking, allows you to have a better exposure to mindfully choose among highly qualified people in your circle. 

Let’s suppose you are a media person looking for a job as a voice-over artist, and you connect socially on LinkedIn with a person who works in a private news sector. The person might have professional connections on LinkedIn or personally with channels or studios that require a resource at the same designation that you wish for.

This way you build more connections on LinkedIn through a mutual connection and kick-start your career.  

3. Globally and Locally Recognized People From Your Field

As you step into your professional space, you must stay connected to the people that are globally and locally well-recognized, especially from your own field of career. Staying connected with well-known people of your field on LinkedIn gives you a clear insight into their work ethics and professionalism along with the awareness that you require to entertain your LinkedIn community. 

When you connect with your peers that are well known globally and locally from your field, you are easily able to expand your network. Every time the person shares tips and tricks or updates related to his profession on his profile on LinkedIn, you get to see some good debate or discussion in the comment section from more people of the same field. This way your connections improve and you learn the basic ethics to build a healthy professional relationship. 

4. Colleagues From Your Social Circle

Another important kind of networking includes your own colleagues as well as their colleagues.

Let’s assume you want to excel as a musician. Before you look for contacts outside of your social circle, you consider contacting lyricists, guitarists, music composers, and singers around you. You look for them to connect with on LinkedIn, get in touch with them, and follow more people that provide you with several options from your field. 

LinkedIn is a complete platform that provides you with multiple job and learning opportunities. So when you connect with your preferred colleague or friend of a friend on LinkedIn, you are open to options that are suitable for you to work with. Most importantly, on LinkedIn, you build connections with people that are frequently hiring recruits. 

5. Companies That Offer Growth To Your Skillset

Growth is contagious, and to grow rightfully you need to connect with people and companies that are heading in the same direction as you.

As you connect with companies from your field, you can easily access their jobs, drop them your CV, and join at your desired designation. Such companies then guide you and polish your skills by allowing you to practice more. 

Most of your desired companies open job offers by posting ads, they showcase their achievements and past working experiences, provide you with the link to their website, and are open to business listings on LinkedIn. 

So it is easy to follow your path to a successful future by connecting with companies on LinkedIn and allowing yourself to practice in the right direction under the supervision of the business/company that brings growth to your skills. 

6. Recruiting Officials

By connecting with HR or Recruiting Officials on LinkedIn, you are more vulnerable to job opportunities. Recruiting officials often post hiring ads on their profile or they are linked with people that are looking to hire employees. So having an improved network of professionals on LinkedIn is always a good choice to boost your career. 

7. Multinational Companies That Operate in Your Country

When you have a professional portfolio on LinkedIn, it is easier to create links with people that offer services in multinational companies operating in your country. These connections can be easily built on LinkedIn because of the resources you allow in your network. 

Multinational companies have a great scope of income for many good reasons and they provide you with all the necessary connections in your field of work. Once you have built a healthy professional relationship with a company, it is easier to expand your network with great communication skills and practice. 

8. Someone Looking for Opportunities in the Same Field of Career As Yours

To improve your connections and skills on LinkedIn, one unique factor is to help someone looking for opportunities for a career in your field. 

When you provide someone with the right counseling on LinkedIn, you head towards building a network of young individuals that look up to you for guidance. Along with expanding your network, this kind of connection helps you to improve your own ability to test your skills and produce effective results.

9. Forums That Share Insights About Your Field

With a platform like LinkedIn, life is always on the run to look for the best suitable resource to bring on board. Thus, it is very important to connect with forums that share insights about your field and stay notified of all the updates available. 

This allows you to know what your favorite company has to offer and what they look for in new recruits. Apart from this, staying connected with forums of your field on LinkedIn is always a good choice to build an effective network and to let people know what you have to offer. 

10. Extended Friends and Family

You might think it’s not appropriate to include your extended family and friends in your professional connections, but it is really important. You never know what networking your friends and family might have, and what may work in your favor. So you must always consider them a part of your career connections and networking. 

If you know a relative with a common choice of career, you should always call them to ask for some professional assistance. Or you might know a friend who works at a firm you plan to be a part of, so when you share your approach with your friend, he can provide you with any necessary help to get you on board. 

When you add your extended friends and family to your LinkedIn network, you actually get a clear insight into their professional connections and what interests they might have other than their career choices. So, keeping your friends and family closer to your professional circle on LinkedIn can always benefit you in multiple ways. 

Connect With a Community of Excellent Choice of People on LinkedIn

Now you know all the basics of building great connections with an excellent choice of people on LinkedIn to bring on your team. So what are you waiting for? Create your effective portfolio on LinkedIn today and bring excellence to your choice of career.

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