14-Year-Old Becomes Space X’s Youngest Employee Proving Age is Just a Number

SpaceX-hires-boy-14-who-became-youngest-graduate-at-California-university (1)

Kairan Quazi, at 14 years old, has landed his first job at SpaceX!

The inspiring kid has made headlines after getting accepted at Space X as a software engineer.

Currently, he is preparing to graduate from Santa Clara University and will start his Space X journey after he graduates in June.

A Gifted Child’s Journey to Space X

Quazi began speaking in full sentences when he was just 2 years old. Over the years, he felt unchallenged by his schoolwork, and his teachers and parents eventually concluded that mainstream education wasn’t the right fit for him.

He started his graduation at 11 years of age at Santa Clara, where he is currently studying computer science and engineering.

He will graduate in June 2023.

The gifted child also completed an undergraduate internship involving generative artificial intelligence work at the research lab at Intel.

According to BrainGain Magazine, in 3rd grade, Quazi’s test scores showed his intelligence was in the 99.9th percentile of the general population.

That explains his remarkable talent and achievements.

Working for Starlink

Quazi had landed an interview for a job with Space X to work for their Starlink project, which is the satellite internet division under SpaceX.

After acceptance, Starlink gave him a July start date, and he will be moving to Redmond, Washington, soon.

Mother’s Support

As reported by ABC 7 News, Quazi considers his mom as his biggest supporter and that he is extremely grateful to her for her effort.

He will move to work for Space X with his mom and will be seeking further support from her as he navigates his path in Washington.

Banned From LinkedIn

It might be surprising to most people, but Kairan Quazi has been removed from the LinkedIn platform for his young age.

Speaking of the incident, Kairan took to Instagram to show his disappointment and the existing biases towards young people in society.

A LinkedIn spokesperson told The Independent that while they appreciate Kairan’s enthusiasm to join the platform, the age limit is a rule that holds for everyone.

Nonetheless, we can expect great things from Kairan and even more young minds making headlines soon.

Quazi himself hopes to diminish such biases and hopes to be an example for others.

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