15 Useful Content Writing Tips for Beginners

content writing tips for beginners

A lot of content writers at the beginning stage find it very hard to make a standing in the world. Beginners come up with an idea and upon seeing that idea being covered by numerous others, can demotivate them. A great piece of advice is to listen to your instincts and get started with your idea. Even the topic I am covering right now is also written by many others and despite knowing this, I have still posted it. The reason behind being that there is always room for more information and updated knowledge that you can include. 

Content is the undoubted king of a blog or any website. People are going to come to your blog only to read content, and if you fail to present exciting content, they will leave without giving it a full read. Making your content up to mark is eventually your duty and responsibility.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Content must be in such a way that entices the readers to give your writing a full read. Here are some legit content writing tips for beginners.

1. General Knowledge

The first source of information for any content writer is his or her own general knowledge and there is nothing that can beat that. If you have general knowledge, you know exactly what you are going to put into writing and nobody can take you for a ride. While searching for anything, you will know whether the person is telling the truth or not. 

2. Personal Experiences

Share your personal experiences with the audience. Personal experiences are unique, what you are going to put into writing is only felt by you and nobody can describe it the way you will. 

3. Research

It is ok to not have general knowledge always. If you don’t have any general knowledge or personal experiences, you can always make a start by doing thorough research. Research is necessary, despite having knowledge on the existing topic, research can add to your already existing knowledge and can make the article rich in content. 

4. Compelling Headline

The headline of any blog is a crucial aspect and it must be something that grabs the attention in just a flash. There are many ways to write the same headline numerous times, the idea is to create a headline that is new and unique. 

5. Key Information

It is generally observed that including key information at the start of your article can compel the readers to ride further in your writing. The article is written to inform the readers about some concept and the main idea of it should be depicted at the start. 

6. Write in First Person

Writing your content in the first person builds connectivity with a reader. This is especially useful when writing content on business platforms. Referring to the audience in the first person seems more communicative and is a way to build trust in a business relationship.

7. Avoid Passive Sentences

While writing any content, try to use a language that is understandable by a general audience. Passive sentences can be avoided by using simple and present tenses. This way, the article is quickly understandable and easy to read by the audience. 

8. Short Paragraphs

Write short paragraphs for your readers’ sake. Short paragraphs will help readers quickly finish the reading. Using bullets, infographics, images, and statistics can engage the readers more and you will be able to convey relevant information easily and precisely.

9. Use Keywords

Look for keywords search using a tool to get an idea of the most commonly used words. Use that keyword in your article to make it appear top in the searches. It is wise to always consider the target audience in mind and use simple and most commonly used words.

10. Use Grammarly or Spellcheck

With grammatical errors, you can lose your audience. It can make the sentences awkward or even not understandable to the audience. It is advisable to use softwares that can check for grammatical errors before publishing it. An article with lots of grammatical errors can greatly affect the ranking in search engines. 

11. Update Content Regularly

When you have finished writing an article and included all the information, there is always room for more. With each passing day, information keeps on updating and there is a constant need to regularly update the existing content in order for it to stand out in the searches. 

12. Insert Images

Inserting relevant images compliments your writing and brings life to your article. Adding images wherever applicable makes your article more appealing. It is hard for readers to read a full-text article, images add more interest and time to it. 

13. Powerful EndNote

Always conclude the article with a powerful note. Create an ending in a way that lingers in the minds of readers. The key is to summarize the topic while also leaving an impression. This reminds the readers what the article was about while also taking away important chunks of information. 

14. Formatting

To make the writing more valuable, add appropriate formatting. Many readers just skim through the article, reading only the main headings, subheadings, and initial paragraphs to get the gist out of the article. Including as many subheadings break the content into digestible chunks. Along with that, adding bullets, lists, or numbers can make the content more useful.

15. Read, Read, & Read

Reading can give you insight into what to write in the article. Experts writers share a secret that most of the time is consumed by media. They watch TV, videos, authors read, web content to get vast knowledge about almost anything. With this vast reading habit and knowledge, they can accumulate more useful and relevant information in their writings to make them more authentic. 

Things to Note

Always write for scanners and not readers. We must not expect every reader to read the full length of the article. The article must be crafted in a way that readers can get meaningful information even with scanning. It is important to make a killer title and initial paragraph for added interest.

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