5 Social Media Trends That Will Take Over in 2021

Social Media Marketing

As someone in marketing, you must be very well aware of the increasing importance of digital marketing. Considering it’s a new facet of marketing, not everyone is well aware of utilizing it in the best way possible. So if you are also venturing into digital media, you should know that social media has a huge pie in the digital media. And to ensure your business does well in it, you should know all the up to date social media trends.

1. Video Usage In Social Commerce

If you have been in the social media marketing scene, you must have seen or created more static posts for your social media pages. It could be for international days or for the new sales you are announcing. This 2021, instead of static posts, videos are new-in. So now you have to shift your strategy towards creating more video content. Which will not only visually appeal to the audience but will also engage them with your content.

2. Social Media As A Search Engine

Another trend that has emerged is people using social media as a search engine. Instead of going to Google, they would type in the keywords on either Facebook or Twitter to get the latest updates. And they are not wrong either. The moment anyone hears any news, they start sharing it with comments. So every story gets updated in realtime on social media.

3. Live Streams

This could be a direct result of COVID-induced lockdown. I say this because due to lockdown, everyone got limited to their houses or rooms in order to practice quarantining. The lack of human interaction probably led to people doing more live streams than ever before. People do it now to showcase their talent or to just talk to the public. The live streams are also a safety measure as it practices social distancing In real-time and your message could get across as well.

4. Increase In Influencer Content

Again, with more time spent at home, people started their blogs and vlogs. Even the ones which already existed on the platform became more regular in publishing their content. So, in 2021, you will find tons of influencers online and even more than usual influencer content. Influencer content is a great way to establish a brand or advertise an already struggling or established brand. The influencer content, motivates their followers or viewers to endorse the product or service.

5. Customer Service Through Social Media

Most people, regardless of the generation they are from, are now on social media. And whenever they find an issue, instead of calling the brand, they either post about it or send a message to the brand. The brand actually replies to them.

It is not that this was not already happening. It’s just that these actions have picked up substance along the way, and in 2021, they are the trends everyone should and will be following.

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