6 Things You Didn’t Know Your Apple Watch Could Do

Apple manufactures a variety of products in addition to the iPhone. Of course, the business began with computers and later branched out to provide tablets, but there was more. Despite the digression, Apple continues to produce MacBooks and Mac Desktop Computers. Apple also makes earphones and watches, which are portable electronic devices. So, if you already know that, you may be an Apple Watch or AirPods user. However, there can be aspects of the watch that you aren’t sure of.

Track Your Vehicle

Vehicle manufacturing is now progressing well as we approach the year 2020. At a push of a button, the car may be turned on or off. They are also capable of opening and closing doors. So, where does the Apple Watch come into all of this? The watch, in this case, helps the owner to keep track of the vehicle’s status. Tire pressure and fuel gauge are only a few taps apart. So, before you go for your road trip, make sure you check your PSI on your smartwatch!

Verbally Tell Time

Any Apple Watch can tell the time in a variety of ways, which is obvious but useful at times. There’s no lack of imagination when it comes to fancy timekeepers, from fancy grandfather clocks to gif-like pictures. The present time will be read aloud if the user puts two fingers parallel to each other on the lock screen. Not just that, but Siri has several voices that can be switched in the settings. So go ahead and read aloud in whatever accent you want if you have the chance.

Breathing Tracker

We’re all aware that certain smartwatches will monitor heart rates. They will monitor your blood pressure and warn you if it drops too low or rises too high. What is your breathing, though? Go no further than the Apple Watch, which does just that! Shortness of breath is one of the signs of Covid 19. So you know what to do if you’re still having those symptoms and your watch alerts you to irregular breathing.

Similarly, a looming Panic Attack can be signaled by shortness of breath. The watch can also be useful in this situation.

Music Control

Have you ever been too tired to get up and change the volume on your speakers? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could change the music from the safety of your own bed? Prepare to be perplexed when we tell you that this option is also available on the Apple Watch! As long as the other end has a Bluetooth link, you can sit back and raise the volume as much as you want.

With ease, you can change songs and loop through your playlist.

Take Screenshot

Is there anything you’d like to remember for the future? Have you made a note on your Apple Watch that you’d like to save? The computer, on the other hand, has a screenshot capability. One of the most significant aspects of today’s smartphones is the ability to take screenshots. Not just that, but if you come across a nice meme, you have to take a picture of it!

One of the most often asked questions about the watch is about the screenshot. So, to set your mind at ease, we will assure you that a screenshot is possible.

Water Eject

As we all know, today’s systems are designed to withstand water. Many gadgets, from watches to tablets, are designed to survive drops. One of the best water-resistant phones is the Samsung Note 8. It can also withstand salty seawater slips and falls that end in water. So, what exactly does the Apple Watch have to say in this situation?

The watch has a feature that automatically ejects water from the device. Water content is detected by sensors built into the Apple Watch. It immediately drains the water from itself until it reaches the threshold. How much have we progressed so far?

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