7 Highest-Rated Pakistani Dramas That You Must Watch Today

highest rating dramas

Are you bored? Want to have some fun in your life? What’s better than watching Pakistani Dramas? The plots of these dramas are very interesting as they have a record of captivating audiences for years.

The storyline, the performances, and the cast are on point. These dramas have scored the highest TRPs because of their amazing storylines and casts. Read the article to add these amazing dramas to your watch list, and don’t forget to explore BlogPakistan for more such articles.

Top 7 Highest-Rating Pakistani Dramas to Watch in 2024

Add these top 7 Pakistani Dramas to your watch list for a dose of love, action, and thrilling stories.

  • Tere Bin
  • Mujhy Pyaar Hua Tha
  • Tere Bin Mai Nahi
  • Cheekh
  • Hook
  • Angan
  • Ye Dil Mera

Tere Bin

tere bin

The Drama was a blockbuster in Pakistani Drama History and has broken all the records of TRP. The tere bin was loved by all the drama lovers who are into the action romantic genre. The story revolves around Meera, who was seen to play the character of a young and ambitious woman. The main lead is Murtasim, who belongs to a very powerful family and takes care of their traditions.

The story starts taking a strong turn when Meerab’s family sets her to marry Murtasim. Along with this, a hidden family secret is unveiled that has caused Meerab’s life to take a strong turn. At first, Meerab didn’t like Murtasim, but eventually, Meerab and Murtasim started to fall in love with each other.

Will Meerab and Murtasim accept their relationship, or will they hide their feelings from each other? Watch Tere Bin to find out.

Mujhy Pyaar Hua Tha

Mujhy Pyaar hua tha is another blockbuster drama that has gotten very good reviews from audience. The story revolves around Saad and Maheer. Saad and Maheer are cousins but little did Maheer know that Saad is in love with her since childhood. Saad has never confessed his love for Maheer.

Here comes the entry of our second male lead names Areeb. Areeb falls in love with Maheer too and confessed about his love infront of everyone. Who do you think Maheer will choose? Watch the drama to check all the surprise and twists coming in the way.

Tere Bina Mai Nahi

Next on our list is “Tere Bina Mai Nahe” which is a story about making right choices in life. The love story moves around Murtaza and Noorulain. Murtaza planned to marry Noor but his dreams got shattered when he find out that Noor doesn’t value his feelings because Noor is a very self centered person who doesn’t compromise on anything. The story took a thick turn when Tehniyat enters in the scene. Lets see how Murtaza will handle this heartbreak?


The story starts where we seen three friends Mannat, Haya, and Nayab enjoying their best times. The bond between them seemed unbreakable. Mannat is married to Haya’s brother and they both belong to a rich family; whereas, Nayab is poor.

Nayab faces an unthinkable tragedy where she was assaulted and murdered at the night of Haya’s engagement. Now Mannat is determined to find Nayab’s murderer. Watch the drama to know more about the culprit.


Hook is not like other Pakistani dramas because the story is very unique as compared to them. Hook blends romance, suspense and emotions all together. The story is about Haya and Zayyan as they were about to get married but Shaheer enters in the scene. Shaheer is deeply in love with Haya and was willing to do anything for her but Haya doesn’t have same feelings for Shaheer due to which Shaheer got heartbroken and passed away because of extreme emotions. Shaheer elder brother got to know about this and he blamed Haya and Zayyan for the death of his brother. The Elder brother than married Haya in order to make her life miserable. Watch Hook to see whats going to happen next?


“Aangan” was another blockbuster that you should not miss. The story revolves around various characters of a family as the family is composed of various members having both positive and negative features. The drama has a blend of laughter and seriousness. The story revolves around Zoya who is still unmarried despite of receiving many marriage proposals.

Zoya has the responsibility of handling various chores such as kitchen, taking care of children. Due to which Zoya is hesitating in marrying into a joint family. Let’s see what fate does Zoya have?

Ye Dil Mera

The drama revolves around the love story of Aina and Aman. Aina does internship in the firm of Aman and after spending some time they started liking each other. Aman eventually proposed Aina but abruptly cancel the marriage and went to UK; However, he came back after Aina pleads to him.

Life get tough for Aina after marrying Aman and after thorough investigation she found out about Aman’s painful past. Watch the drama to know more about Aman’s past and Aina’s struggle

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