7 Most Popular Restaurants in Hunza – Local Cuisines, Pizzas, Desi & More

Restaurants in Hunza

Hunza is one of the most breathtaking places in Pakistan, with a diverse culture, kind people, and rich history.

It is one of the most visited places and is filled with hotels, restaurants, and scenic locations to check out.

If you are planning a visit to the beautiful city, here are our picks of the 7 most popular restaurants in Hunza, with high ratings and great reviews.

Top Restaurants in Hunza

Below are the most popular restaurants in Hunza based on high Google ratings.

#RestaurantLocationContact Number
1Cafe de HunzaKarim Abad Road(058134) 57112
2Rewayat RestaurantHunza, Ganish(058134) 57197
3Hidden Paradise HunzaKarimabad, Bazar03002476443
4Pizza PamirBaltit Fort road, Hunza, Karimabad0341 0230213
5Yak GrillPassu, Karakoram Highway0355 5450146
6Hunza Food Pavilion by Laal ShehzadiHunza, Ali Abad, Gilgit-Baltistan0310 9400259
7Cafe Culture HunzaFort Road، near Altit Fort

Now we will explore each restaurant in Hunza, one by one.

1. Cafe de Hunza

Cafe de Hunza is a charming cafe in Hunza renowned for its delectable walnut cakes, pancakes, and breathtaking valley views. 

Visitors praise the perfect balance of flavors in their signature cake, likening it to the traditional barfi dessert. 

With a warm and rustic ambiance, this cafe is a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique culinary experience in the heart of Hunza.

The place is rated a high 4.4 after 1.5k reviews on Google. 


  • Walnut Cake
  • Pancakes
  • Chicken Mushroom Sandwich
  • Omelets
  • Pies

Contact Number: (058134) 57112

Location: Karim Abad Road, Hunza, Karimabad

2. Rewayat Restaurant

Rewayat Restaurant in Hunza is a hidden gem offering a delightful dining experience. With a beautiful and spacious sitting area, it seamlessly blends traditional and modern aesthetics.

The Desi+Modern ambiance creates a catchy atmosphere, complemented by clean washrooms and active service. While the food is standard, their specialty lies in providing a top-notch atmosphere, making it a good place to visit in Hunza for a unique culinary experience.

The place is rated a high 4.0 after 395 reviews on Google. 


  • Platters
  • Breakfast
  • Handi Platters

Contact Number: (058134) 57197

Location: Hunza, Ganish

3. Hidden Paradise Hunza

Hidden Paradise Hunza is a great place for people looking to eat local food at Hunza. The taste is authentic, and the ingredients are organic, adding more taste to each meal. 

The place is rated a high 4.1 after 395 reviews on Google. 


  • Tazmic potato
  • Chap Shuro

Contact Number: 03002476443

Location: Hunza, Karimabad, Bazar

4. Pizza Pamir

Pizza Pamir is a haven for pizza enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable culinary experience. With various delectable flavors, their Pamir Special Pizza stands out as a true delight.

Prepared with fresh, local ingredients, this cheesy and flavorsome pizza leaves an unforgettable impression. 

Whether you opt for the mouthwatering Chicken Pepperoni Pizza or the unique Yak Pizza, each bite offers a burst of authentic taste. Coupled with friendly staff and a beautiful view, Pizza Pamir promises a pizza experience like no other.

The place is rated a high 4.4 stars after 356 reviews on Google. 


  • Pamiro Special Pizza
  • Yak Pizza
  • Chicken Pepperoni Pizza
  • Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

Contact Number: 0341 0230213

Location: Baltit Fort road, near fort chowk, Hunza, Karimabad, Gilgit-Baltistan

5. Yak Grill

Nestled amidst the enchanting mountains of Hunza, Yak Grill stands out as a culinary gem. Their mouthwatering specialties, like the Yak Steak and Yak Burger, offer a unique and delightful experience. 

The juicy burgers, served on homemade buns, are accompanied by delectable Passu potatoes and a scrumptious walnut sauce, enhancing the flavors to perfection. 

With a welcoming ambiance and efficient service, Yak Grill is the perfect place to savor the authentic taste of Yak meat while relishing the majestic view of Passu Cones. 

The place is rated a high 4.4 after 263 reviews on Google. 


  • Yak Steak 
  • Yak Burger
  • Yak Chilli Dry

Contact Number: 0355 5450146

Location: Passu, Karakoram Highway. 

6. Hunza Food Pavilion by Laal Shehzadi

Hunza Food Pavilion by Laal Shehzadi is a delightful celebration of traditional Hunza cuisine, prepared with love and passion by the talented Lal Shehzadi herself. 

Using natural herbs and sodium-free ingredients, they create flavors that are unlike any other. From the must-try Chap Shuro and Daudo soup to the mouthwatering Gir Gir Aloo, every dish is a unique delight.

And as you savor the delectable flavors, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking sunset views of the Hunza Valley.

The place is rated a high 4.6 after 125 reviews on Google. 


  • Chap Shuro 
  • Daudo Soup
  • Gir Gir Aloo

Contact Number: 0310 9400259

Location: Hunza, Ali Abad, Gilgit-Baltistan

7. Cafe Culture Hunza

Cafe Culture Hunza is a hidden gem where you’ll experience the true essence of traditional organic Hunza cuisine.

With warm hospitality and a charming ambiance, you’ll feel right at home. The menu boasts mouthwatering dishes, from the delectable Walnut Chappati to the must-try Rose Dumplings, all freshly prepared with love.

Their secret lies in using homegrown, organic ingredients that make every bite an unforgettable delight. A visit to Cafe Culture Hunza is a journey of flavors and a true feast for the senses.

The place is rated a high 4.9 after 85 reviews on Google. 


  • Walnut Chappati
  • Rose Dumplings

Contact Number: 0313 5401123

Location: Fort Road، near Altit Fort, Hunza

Great Food Awaits You!

So that was our list of the best restaurants in Hunza. Do check out more content on travel, food, and entertainment on the BlogPakistan site.

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