80% of Road Accidents in Pakistan are Reported from KPK & Punjab

80 percent of road accidents in Pakistan are reported from KPK and Punjab

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics reported that 68,322 accidents from 2015 to 2020. Among these accidents 27,629 were fatal! 80% of these cases were reported from KPK and Punjab. 

Considering unreported cases, and minor accidents, this number could actually be huge, making accidents in Pakistan a major concern! 

Punjab and KP Contribute to 80% of Accidents 

From 2015 to 2020, Punjab reported 29,706 accidents (fatal + non-fatal) marking 43% of cases in the country. 

KPK on the other hand, witnessed 25,040 cases from 2015 to 2020, contributing 37% to the total accident count. 

According to Afzal Shigri, a retired police officer, the weather and mountainous terrain of KPK are major reasons for the high number of accidents in KPK. 

Another police officer Dr. Shoaib Suddle blamed the high crime rate for being a cause of accidents in certain regions of KPK. 

Traffic Rule Violations 

Road accidents in Pakistan are linked to the violation of traffic rules, non-professional drives on wheels, overspeeding, overloaded heavy vehicles, and issuance of licenses without ensuring the required competency level. 

According to the News, the high number of accidents reported in KPK and Punjab can be linked to efficient emergency services, and reporting systems, and the low numbers in other areas might be due to the lack of a proper system. 

The number in other regions might be much higher than we think. 

8% Decrease in Deaths from Road Accidents 

An 8% decrease in accident-related deaths was observed in the country according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics from 2015 to 2020. 

While Pakistan has a weak judiciary and traffic rules are not strictly obeyed regardless, the decline in death cases is a silver lining for drivers in the country. 

Road safety is a major concern in the country and as citizens, if we all take due steps and follow traffic rules and regulations at a personal level, we can surely minimize accidents to a negligible number. 

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