9000+ Calorie “Quadruple Bypass” is the Highest-Calorie Burger in the World

9000+ Calorie "Quadruple Bypass" is the Highest-Calorie Burger in the World

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, USA, holds the Guinness World Record for the highest-calorie burger. Their 1.444-kg (3-lb 2.94-oz) Quadruple Bypass burger packs a whopping 9,982 calories, equivalent to 6.91 calories per gram (195.95 calories per ounce).

In April 2012, this indulgent burger, complete with bacon, was sold for $16.63 (excluding sales tax).

This burger is undoubtedly a heart-stopping treat, living up to its name in terms of calories. The Heart Attack Grill, where this burger is served, is a unique hospital-themed restaurant located in downtown Las Vegas.

It’s gained international fame for its promotion of an unhealthy diet centered around massive hamburgers. Inside, customers are playfully referred to as “patients,” their orders are called “prescriptions,” and the waitstaff are humorously labeled as “nurses.”

Remarkably, anyone weighing over 350 pounds is invited to enjoy unlimited free food, but they must weigh themselves on an electronic cattle scale in front of a cheering restaurant crowd.

The restaurant’s menu features a range of artery-clogging delights, including the Single Bypass Burger, Double Bypass Burger, Triple Bypass Burger, and, of course, the Quadruple Bypass Burger.

These names playfully allude to coronary artery bypass surgery, highlighting the danger of atherosclerosis due to the food’s high-calorie content and saturated fat.

Interestingly, Guinness World Records officials have not yet assessed the larger and more “invasive” burgers, ranging from Quintuple to Octuple, which were officially added to the menu in December 2012.

These massive burgers likely push the boundaries of calorie counts even further.

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