A 3rd of Glaciers to Melt by 2050 – UNESCO


  • UNESCO predicts major glacier melting by 2050
  • Control on Global Warming can minimize the damage 
  • World leaders to meet in Egypt at the COP27 climate change conference

According to new UNESCO data, the glaciers in World Heritage sites are melting at an alarming rate, with glaciers in 1/3rd of sites set to disappear by 2050. 

Around 18,600 glaciers have been recognized so far, all over 50 UN World Heritage sites. These sites make up almost 10% of the Earth’s glacierized area and include tourist spots and sacred places for local populations.

Global warming is causing glaciers to melt resulting in major catastrophes like the 2022 floods in Pakistan.  

How to Save Our Glaciers? 

While we are losing precious glaciers very rapidly, we can still save the remaining by controlling global warming. 

unesco on glaciers
Image Credits: UNESCO

If the increase in global temperature does not exceed 1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial period, we can save glaciers and protect our ecosystem. 

To discuss issues like this and to talk about other developments, world leaders are ready to meet in Egypt. Next week the COP27 climate change conference will prove to be a turning point for the climate movement. 

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