Khanpur Dam: Everything you need to know for a Short Visit


Khanpur dam is one of those locations that you can visit in a day. The place is easy to reach, offers places to eat, places to stay, and many options for water sports that make it a one-of-a-kind venue. 

If you are planning a trip to Khanpur Dam here are all the details you will need. 

Khanpur Dam Location

Khanpur Dam
Boating at Khanpur Dam

The scenic Khanpur Dam is located on the Haro River in Khanpur city. Khanpur is situated in the Punjab province of Pakistan and the venue is 50Km from the capital Islamabad. 

The Dam was constructed to supply drinking water to twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) and for irrigation purposes. 

Ideal Visiting Time 

Like any other water body, Khanpur dam is ideal to visit in summers. You should plan your visit from June to October ideally but if you want to visit the dam any other month, that’s also possible. 

In summer the cool water will not only help you beat the heat but water sports are also more enjoyable in this season. The chilly wind, combined with fishing, boating, and cliff diving will surely make your summers memorable. 

Reaching the Venue 

If you are traveling from Islamabad/Rawalpindi it will take you around an hour from the Grand Trunk/Peshawar/Rawalpindi road. 

It will take you nearly an hour depending on the traffic and the time at which you leave. 

Activities to Enjoy at Khanpur Dam

Below are some activities you can try out when you visit Khanpur dam. 

1. Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving

If you want to do something fun and daring, cliff diving should be on your list. Based on the water level the cliff diving height can be from 10 feet to 25 feet. 

You are given a life jacket so you can float in the water and enjoy yourself with your friends.  

2. Snorkeling


If you are a fan of swimming, snorkeling is for you. The activity uses a breathing tube and a diving mask which lets you swim through water. 

Imagine snorkeling on a hot day! The cool water will not only cool you down but will also help you relax. 

3. Jet Ski

Jet Ski

You must have seen jet skies in movies. They are fast vehicles that travel on water and allow you to experience driving on water. 

4. Boating


If you want to enjoy the water without getting wet, boating may be the right choice. You can feel the cool water and air pass through you and the views of the entire dam. Plus you can enjoy this activity with a group of friends or your family. 

5. Zipline


A long zipline can be found at the Mabali Island near khanpur dam. The zipline allows you to slide through the wire to get the adrenaline rush you came for. 

Safety of the rider is ensured through brakes, helmets, gloves ad harnesses. There are two guides at the venue that make sure everything goes smoothly. 

6. Parasailing


During parasailing, you are attached to a harness which is attached to a parasail. The parasail looks like a parachute and gives you lift, during the ride. 

The parasail is also attached to a vehicle like a boat so it can follow the boat as it moves through the water. 

The activity is fun, lets you enjoy the view, and is a thrilling activity you should try at least once. 

7. Scuba Diving 

Scuba Diving 

We saved the most thrilling activity for last. Scuba diving allows you to explore the water at a deeper level which most people shy away from. 

The activity involves breathing equipment that lets you breathe underwater while you dive deeper to explore the small animals, plants, and the beauty of the underwater ecosystem. 

Places Near Khanpur Dam 

If you want to explore more, you can visit the nearby places, mentioned below: 

1. Mabali Island

Mabali Island
Jet Ski at Mabali Island

Mabali island is one of the most popular destinations near khanpur dam featured by ARY Newz, Geo News, Tribune, and many others. 

At Mabali island you can try out various sports like jet skiing, boating, fishing, zip-lining, wake tubing, etc. You can enjoy delicious food items like Karahi, BBQ, Continental, Steaks, etc. 

If you wish to stay you can book one of their beautiful huts. 

Contact Number: 0303-5958999 

Address: Old Khanpur E Rd

2. Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort

Rooms at Tomorrow Land
Roof top dining at Tomorrow Land

Tomorrow Land is a dreamy destination that has it all. The luxury resort offers sports, food, and comfortable rooms to unwind. 

You can parasail, sky board, ride a jet ski, visit a spa to unwind, and eat at their restaurant offering rooftop BBQ.  

Contact Number: 033-11111051

Address: Khanpur Road, Tomorrowland Country club and resort

3. Gandhara Castle Resort 

Gandhara Castle Resort 
Gandhara Castle Resort 

An upcoming movie Mr. and Mrs. Shameem was shot at the Gandhara Resort making it all the more exciting to visit. 

At Gandhara Resort, you can enjoy parasailing, scuba diving, boating, archery, etc. The resort offers food and comfortable rooms that are fully furnished to meet all your needs. 

Contact Number: 0344-3111112

Address: Old Khanpur E Rd

4. Orange Lake Resort

Orange Lake Resort
Sports at the Orange Lake Resort

The Orange Lake Resort is a beautiful venue offering sports, food, and rooms for a staying trip.  

They offer various trip packages that include breakfast, a visit to the Taxila Museum, and lunch at Monal Restaurant. 

The resort features AC rooms with a seating area and a restaurant as well. 

Contact Number: 0304-1171228

Address: Khanpur

5. The Adventure Resort

The Adventure Resort
Buffet at The Adventure Resort

The Adventure resort is a hub for all adventurers. You can enjoy water sports, eat mouth-watering food and even organize events like parties and weddings at the resort. 

The resort has a wide garden and is close to the dam making it an ideal place for water sports and recreational activities. 

Contact Number: 0349-5423750

Address: Old Khanpur E Rd

Plan Your Khanpur Trip Today! 

In this article, we explored the scenic Khanpur dam, its location, how to reach here, and what you can do to make the most of your trip. 

We hope your trip goes well. Check out more content about hotels, restaurants, and travel on the site. 

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