AGS Battery Price in Pakistan – Official Price List with Key Features

AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

AGS Batteries is the sub-brand of the company Atlas Battery Limited. Atlas Battery started production in Pakistan in 1969 with the genesis of the brand “AGS.” 

The batteries are suitable for passenger cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, construction equipment, etc. 

If you are looking for good-quality batteries for your vehicles or other equipment, here is a complete list of AGS Battery Prices in Pakistan for 2023.

List of AGS Battery Prices in Pakistan 

Here is a list of AGS Battery Prices in Pakistan with their key features. 

All the prices have been acquired from the official website of Atlas Batteries (the producers of AGS batteries). 

Note: Prices will be updated as per market changes. 

#BatteryPrice (Rs)PlatesVoltageAH/HRWeight (Kg)
2WS 27064,00033PL12V220AH(20HR)38.9
4WS 26050,25327PL12V175AH(20HR)31.2
5GL 19044,39323PL12V150AH (20HR)28.3
6WS 23044,25923PL12V150AH(20HR)28.3
8WS 22038,28823PL12V140AH(20HR)24.1
10WS 19536,41221PL12V120AH(20HR)21.8
11WS 18033,07219PL12V105AH(20HR)20.6
12WS 16531,72719PL12V105AH(20HR)19.7
14WS 16031,09017PL12V100AH(20HR)18.5
15WS 15028,27017PL12V100AH(20HR)17.5
17WS 13527,70015PL12V85AH(20HR)16.2
186FT 12026,66515PL12V85AH (20HR)16.2 Kg
19WS 11523,45515PL12V80AH(20HR)15.3
20GL 10023,20815PL12V80AH(20HR)15.3
21GR 10023,20815PL12V80AH(20HR)15.3
22WS 11021,55613PL12V75AH(20HR)13.05
23GL 8519,52213PL12V70AH(20HR)13
26MF 65 L15,78612V45AH(20HR)
27HB 6515,70313PL12V45AH(20HR)
28HB 65 (Thin Pole)15,70313PL12V45AH(20HR)
29GL 6515,53313PL12V45AH(20HR)9.2
30GR 6515,53313PL12V45AH(20HR)9.2
32CNG 6014,40011PL12V45AH(20HR)9.4
33MF 50L13,55612V38AH(20HR)
34HB 5013,48411PL12V38AH(20HR)
35GL 5013,12611PL12V38AH(20HR)7.8
37WS 5512,1279PL12V30AH(20HR)6.7
39HB-46R11,4679PL12V30AH (20HR)
40WS 5010,0627PL12V24AH(20HR)5.7
41CGR 409,3387PL12V24AH(20HR)5.7

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Final Words

So that was our list of AGS Battery Prices in Pakistan. Stay updated with features and prices of fans, solar panels, generators, and more on the BlogPakistan site. 

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