Al-Fatah Electronics Lahore – Up to 20% Off on Haier, Samsung, & More

AlFatah Electronics Lahore Up to 20% Off

Image Credit: Alfatah

Al-Fatah is a popular chain of departmental stores with multiple branches in major cities of Pakistan. 

Al-Fatah Lahore offers up to 20% off on electronics from popular brands like Haier, Dawlance, TCL Samsung, etc. 

Discount: Up to 20% Off

Products: Washing Machine, TV, Geysers, Electric heaters, etc. 

Brands: Dawlance, Rays, Haier, NasGas, Canon etc. 

Website: AlFatah

Buy a TV, electric heater, or a new washing machine, and make your life easier with these discounted home appliances. 

Check out the Al-Fatah website now to view all the amazing deals.

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