iOS 16: All the Details & Updates You Need To Know

all you need to know about iOS 16

In a press release from June 6, Apple launched iOS 16 which will offer better personalization, sharing, communication, and overall enhanced user experience. 

iOS 16 Highlights

  • Style Up Your Lock Screen
  • Recall Sent Messages and Schedule Your Mail
  • Visual Look Up and Live Text Feature
  • Easy Focus Set Up and Connection
  • Save your Memories in iCloud Shared Photo Library
  • CarPlay Deep Interaction

Style Up Your Lock Screen

The iOS 16 has introduced a multilayered effect, that artfully sets the subjects of photos in front of the time on the Lock Screen.  

The new widgets give information at a glance like the weather, battery levels, activity ring progress, calendar events, alarms, time zones, etc. 

Recall Sent Messages and Schedule Your Mail

Now you can edit, recall, recover recent messages, and mark conversations as unread, all thanks to the updated iOS 16. 

Additionally, with SharePlay, you can now enjoy synced content like songs and movies. You can do all that while chatting in Messages.

About email, you can now schedule emails and get some time to cancel the delivery before it is sent. 

Visual Look Up and Live Text Feature

Want to read text on images? The Live Text can do that for you. It can recognize text in images across iOS using on-device intelligence. You can translate text, convert currency and do much more!

Through Visual Look Up users can now lift an image from its background by tapping and holding on to the subject of an image. They can even place it in apps like Messages as needed. 

Easy Focus Set Up and Connection

Focus is an iPhone feature that helps you concentrate on a task without distractions and with iOS 16 it has become better than ever! 

Focus can now be easily set and connected to the Lock Screen. It offers a way to tie widgets and Lock Screen wallpaper to a particular Focus. 

For activation, users need to swipe to the corresponding Lock Screen. With filters, apps like Calendar, Messages, Mail, and Safari can display only relevant content to a user’s Focus. 

Save your Memories in iCloud Shared Photo Library

iCloud Shared Photo Library allows families to share photos with a separate iCloud library. The library lets up to six users collaborate, contribute, and enjoy. 

Users can share existing photos from their libraries, or share photos based on a start date or based on people in the photos.

CarPlay Deep Interaction

Carplay will now deeply integrate with a car’s hardware, allowing users to control the radio or change the climate directly through CarPlay. 

Also using the vehicle data, CarPlay will seamlessly render the speed, temperature, fuel level, and much more on the instrument cluster.

More to iOS 16

Along with the above features, iOS 16 will feature “Shared Tab Groups” in Safari so you can easily share a collection of websites with your pals. 

Along with that, we will also see improvements and new features in Apple Maps, Dictation, Family Sharing, Siri, etc.  

Go check out the Apple website for more details about all the cool features and updates.

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