Annual Livestock Exports Reach PKR 53 Billion, Due to Pakistan’s First Livestock Policy

Annual Livestock Exports Reach PKR 53 Billion, Due to Pakistan's First Livestock Policy

Ahmad Jawad, vice president of the Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF), stated on Tuesday that the National Livestock Policy (NLP) would increase the export of halal meat.

In an interview with the media, he claimed that the first-ever livestock policy will boost exports of milk, butter, and other associated goods. He also stated that the yearly export of animal goods was worth over PKR 53 billion. According to him, the programme would guarantee food security, reduce poverty, and raise the wages of those working in the field.

During Eid-ul-Adha in 2022, the animal trade in Punjab, according to him, was estimated to have cost  PKR 59.17 billion. 60% of people work in the agricultural sector, which accounts for 11.6% of economic growth. In order for NLP to contribute to an increase in revenue generation, Jawad contended that the livestock department would need to flourish in line with the agricultural industry.

The PTI government created and approved this national strategy, which was then examined by PM Advisor Abdul Razzaq Dawood. The initial implementation of the livestock policy took place in Punjab in 20/21, KPK in 2019, and Balochistan in 2018.

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