Apple to Get USB-C Amid EU Regulations – Facts to Know

Apple to Get USB-C Amid EU Regulations - Facts to Know


  • Apple will soon offer devices with USB-C
  • The EU has passed a law on USB-C devices
  • Mobiles and tablets will have to adopt USB-C by autumn 2024

EU regulations have forced Apple to bring USB-C. Although not formally announced,  the company’s senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing confirmed it in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. 

Marketing Chief Greg Joswiak of Apple admitted that the brand will have to follow the EU’s USB-C mandate. Although the brand is not entirely happy, they are bound to follow EU rules in the region. 

During the interview, Greg added, “the Europeans are the ones dictating timing for European customers.” Indicating the fact that they have no option but to comply. 

According to the EU verdict, every mobile phone and tablet will have to adopt USB-C by the autumn of 2024. Thus, we will see USB-C from the iPhone in the coming years. 

What to Expect from Apple USB-C?

According to rumors, Apple is testing USB-C on the iPhone 15. It is also believed that Apple will bring USB-C to the next-gen of AirPods, and AirPods Pro, by 2024, while the Mac Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad could make the switch, by next year

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It is also speculated that while Apple will be making the transition to using USB-C, it might eventually bring inductive charging to the scene to get around the legislation.

Counterarguments from Apple

Marketing Chief Greg Joswiak of Apple has pointed out counterarguments to the USB-C adoption. He stated that e-wastage and the inconvenience of buying and getting used to a new standard are some of the drawbacks associated with USB-C adoption. 

He also emphasized the fact that Apple is a brand that values its engineers over legislative coercion. 

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