Apple to Start Converting to USB-C Ports by 2023

Apple to Start Converting to USB-C Ports by 2023

Apple is supposedly redesigning the iPhone 14 this year, but a recent leak indicates that there may be more significant changes in 2023.

Is it truly better to wait till the 2023 models or to purchase any model of the iPhone 14 series?

According to LekasApplePro, a renowned Apple leaker, the iPhone 15 and Pro models will have distinct charging connectors. The Apple iPhone 15 will come with a regular lightning port, but the Pro version will have a USB-C charging port.

The decision may be made in response to pressure from the EU to implement its plan to require all cell phones and electronic devices to have a single charger by the fall of 2024.

The leaker said that Apple would discontinue the lightning port by 2024 with their iPhone 16 series in advance of the EU deadline, saying, “Lightning is coming to an end.” The leaker further speculates that the iPhone 16 might not even have a charging port. The MagSafe system’s level of development would undoubtedly influence this choice.

However, the power output for wireless charging is just 15W, significantly less than the 40–60W maximum for USB-C fast charging.

Apple made a wise decision to transition to the USB-C port gradually, but this could potentially cause confusion among buyers. Similar to what the Lightning port did to older iPhones using the Dock Connector when it was released with the iPhone 5 in 2012, it could reduce demand for regular devices and ruin their ability to be sold.

According to the leaker, unless your smartphone is beyond repair, the advice is to forget about the iPhone 14 series and wait to see how things turn out in 2023. But as usual, you can have your choices.

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