Authorities Save Hajj Pilgrim After Her Heart Stopped for 8 Minutes


An Indonesian pilgrim has been saved after her heart stopped for eight minutes as she landed at the airport to perform hajj.

She had a heart attack, after which her heart had stopped. The airport’s Health Control Center received an emergency call, and the medical team quickly responded and performed CPR to revive the pilgrim’s heart.

After administering CPR twice, she was successfully stabilized. The pilgrim is now in stable condition and has been transported to the hospital.

The Best Healthcare for Pilgrims – Free of Charge

The Health Control Center at the airport has treated over 90,000 pilgrims since the start of the current annual hajj season.

The Health Center has provided preventive services to 87,857 pilgrims, treated 2,218 patients, and 29 cases were transferred to hospitals.

The kingdom’s health authorities and Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah are providing treatment and operations to pilgrims free of charge.

Earlier, an Iranian pilgrim with severe myopia was treated, and the pilgrim will be able to complete the hajj after timely care.

This year, about 3 million pilgrims are expected to perform hajj, and the government is ensuring the best care for them.

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